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Customer reviews have been increasingly used – especially by consumers and businesses to evaluate you and your business as suitable and trustworthy to work in their homes or business. However many businesses make some simple mistakes. More concerning are the number of HVAC and related business that have no review or testimonial strategy at all

Do you think that your customers believe your testimonials? Think again! Customers want to read honest, unbiased reviews on external third-party sites not the ones on your own website. They simply don’t believe (or trust) the reviews on your testimonials page.

Its simple really when you think about it. Your’e hardly likely to put a one star review of a customer who has had a bad experience on to your testimonials page – are you!

Obviously not — and your website visitors know that too. Most businesses testimonials page will only ever list the best four and five-star reviews, so they’re going to ignore them. What they actually want is to to see if there are any bad reviews, and how you responded to them.

The website visitor will always assume that your testimonials page only includes the best reviews. They’ll ignore the page just like everyone else.

What can you do instead? – Post Reviews to 3rd party sites

Because your potential customers will ignore your testimonials page on your own website, you should have a “reviews” page that links to the various independent 3rd party websites where customers can read the reviews they’re looking for. Many contractors for instance will be members of Checkatrade or have taken up a website package with Yell or Thomweb. All of these have reviews sections which you can link to.

Furthermore you will definitely want Google at the top of the pile, especially as Google reviews are the most visible. Make sure to include any special trade directories as detailed above that customers might use too.

You will have to write an explanation on the webpage on your site that explains to the visitor that you’d like them to read what previous customers have said, just like you would on a standard testimonials page.

Make sure that the links will open in a new browser, that way your customers won’t have to go back to your site.

We have been offering an established 3rd party review software that can be completed immediately upon completion of a job at a customers property or alternatively can be completed by the customer at a later date.

Once completed the review is then uploaded to Google, Bing as standard but can then be added to Social media, independent directory sites as mentioned earlier as well as to the Review software developers website.

Your potential customers can then read these from their preferred method, so instead of the standard 5-star testimonials page that no one reads, you’ll have a reviews service that customers find much more useful.

To get a no obligation quotation to set-up a review system for your business, please do get in touch. 01252 413596