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A good website isn’t going to be designed for you – it’s going to be designed for your target audience.

Would you trust someone to build you a new website who has no Building Services, M&E or HVAC knowledge, understanding or experience? The sad fact is hundreds of companies every year have websites built that don’t deliver on the clients expectations and that can be for a number of different reasons.

In the Building Services, or HVAC world, your potential/target clients will check your Business out online to find out who you are, what you do, where you work and who else you have worked for, and ultimately whether you would be a good fit for their needs.

There are gazillions of web developers in every town/county/area and virtually everyone are generalists with no specific knowledge or specialisms. You might want to read our Document “The Secrets About Your Website That Your Web Designer Might Not Want You To Know”.

In many cases the developers do an OK job but rely heavily on you to provide them with the right page content, good quality images and videos as well as the keywords that relate to those pages. In every case they will ask how many pages do you want? What competitors website you like/dislike any other website styles/designs you like and of course your Budget. Do you even know any of that?

Why would you Trust your Website Build To A General Web Developer? All too often these generalists build websites that they think will look great and to some extent that is important, but ideally your website should be built with your target audience in mind, and to match their needs with your HVAC Products/services.

A Web Developer who has built websites selling Toys, Clothes or Sports Equipment will most likely need all your assistance to help them understand the trade terminology, the content which images to use and where.

At Marketing 4 Contractors we only build websites for Building Services, M&E or HVAC Businesses. Nothing else.

User Experience

Obviously the Nirvana for all Businesses is to get on Page 1 of the search results, but frankly thats impossible, you just can’t get (and keep) everyone on the first page. Google now rewards your website with a higher web ranking (position) based upon the User (visitor) Experience.

Basically the easier it is for someone to get the answers to their questions or solve their problems and the longer someone stays on your site then Google sees that as a signal of good User experience. It’s imperative that your site provides a great User experience that no only helps the visitor but also your Business through higher web position. 

There is no point building a website for products/services that no-one needs or is searching for. Many Business owners take the view that i.e. their unique Data Centre design is going to take the world by storm, when in fact no one has any interest in it.

There are some Web Design basics that you should follow and we have created  a Free download called New Website Design Brief Considerations

Luckily our team have years of experience in Designing and Building M&E, Building Services and HVAC websites for Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers & Maintenance Contractors. We know the equipment types, the terminology, and most importantly we integrate the keywords/phrases of what is actually being searched for. 

Take our client Mercury Climatic Services. Highly targeted rather than scattergun. We specifically target the right people at the right time with the right message. We built them a new site, included great graphics, wrote technical articles and we continue to market their Business to their ideal clients. In other words those people that have the ability to buy their services.

Whats a New Website Going to Cost?

There are plenty of Free Website Builders out there, but they are really there for start-ups that just need a simple basic web presence. They might be OK for the first couple of years, but if you want to portray a more professional image then you need something that is appealing functional, easy to update yourself. Its probably a good idea to read one of our previous Article on How to Build an M&E/HVAC Contractors website   

Sections to Include in the Design

Your Customers will want to see other parts of your site to help them to get the information they need, and they include these at least.

FAQ’s – Your Ideal customers will have some common questions that they will all ask. Provide the questions in Bold and the answers directly below. i.e. What is your Response time to an Emergency call-out, or Water is pouring out of my Ceiling Air Conditioner – What can I do? etc. – You get the picture!

Make it Easy to Get in Touch – Not everyone wants to speak with Sales. Give them alternative Phone No’s such as Customer Support or Technical Support. Provide a Live Chat Facility that they can instigate without one of those annoying Pop Ups. Provide different email addresses for Key Departments. Offer a Call back booking service – You call them at a convenient time that they choose.

Pricing – Where possible provide clear and concise pricing. Probably the most common question that website visitors have is what you charge for your products or services? They will more likely leave your website if they can’t get that quickly and easily. If you offer spare parts give them a access to your web shop. If you offer Maintenance Contracts – provide fixed pricing and allow them to buy them online. These can be easily added for very little cost.

Sometimes it’s not practical to provide a straightforward price, such as prices for Chillers, Dry Coolers and Controls as a packaged deal. You will just have to get on the phone.

Website Marketing

It’s great having a new website that everyone likes, but whats the point of if it can’t be found by someone searching for your services? Before embarking on selecting a web designer make sure that they think about how it will be found by the search engines. i.e. If you operate a niche Business supplying Building Services equipment, make sure your Developer does some homework on the amount of searches and they key phrases being used so they can be embedded into each of the relevant web pages.

In summary

Don’t just buy a website from a family friend or someone cheap and local. Make sure whoever you choose that they can provide a portfolio of at least something HVAC or Construction or similar and related websites.

Do expect to pay at least £600 for a decent website that can be customised and adapted/updated by you, and around £2,500 for a fully bespoke custom built site, and be realistic in that you will have to spend some money every month on Marketing of you shiny new site, otherwise there is no point in having a website in the first place.

Marketing 4 Contractors specialise in full Digital Marketing services starting with Website Design/Build for Building Services, M&E, HVAC and FM Companies.

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