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Before embarking upon a Marketing campaign that will get you little or no results. We put your M&E Business in front when your customers are actually looking for rather than something you think will be great.

So before starting, why not check out where your website ranks for your keywords, and what you can do about it.

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After all when you think about it, how many people are searching for underwater LED lamps?. Pretty small I wager. Google’s own Keyword tool is a great starting place and allows you to get actual results for what your customers are searching for. So if you provide Lift Repairs in Walsall then you should check out how many searches are being performed and the keyword tool will tell you what else is also being searched for.

However the most competitive keywords are the hardest ones to get ranked for. So the answer is to use what called long-tail keywords which are much less competitive. i.e. Waterproof LED lamp suppliers Nottingham

If you are a specialist M&E, HVAC or Building Services Business – then this site is aimed directly at getting you new Business – simple as that!

We find new Sales for M&E Equipment Manufacturers, HVAC contractors and other professionals involved with the construction and maintenance of Commercial buildings.

Do any of these scenarios sound like your situation?

  • “I’ve been in business for years and grown successfully through word of mouth and referrals. But now things are getting tougher and new business is drying up. I don’t know what other methods to use to find new clients”.

  • “I’ve met a lot of people through networking and other events – and I’ve had a lot of interesting follow-up meetings. But I just can’t seem to convert these contacts and meetings into real opportunities. I need a more effective approach for sales meetings and pitching for business”.
  • “I’ve just set up my Business but I’m not sure which clients to focus on or what services to promote. I’m confident I can get sales once I’m face-to-face with a potential client – but I just don’t know how to get in front of the right people“.
  • “It feels like my business is on a Roller Coaster. We’re doing great one month – in fact we struggle to fulfil some contracts. But then the next month our pipeline is dry. I need to find a way of smoothing out all the peaks and troughs in our business”.
  • “We’ve been doing great work with our clients for years – but don’t get many referrals. I know I should be getting more repeat business and more referrals – but I just don’t know how to make it work”.
  • “I feel really uncomfortable selling and promoting myself and my firm. I don’t know what to say when I meet prospects and I just don’t want to become one of those awful pushy salespeople. I don’t like asking for Business and am probably losing out”.
  • “We seem to be losing out with our bigger clients. The way they buy seems so much more complex nowadays and we don’t seem to be getting the opportunities while our competitors seem to have access to all the right people”.
If you feel you might fit this profile, and you think we may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then why not contact us for an informal discussion. There’s no commitment, and we won’t try to push you into a sale – we’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

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