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I have to confess that when I first got into the Web Marketing Business around 10 years ago, there were all manner of terms being used that for me were like learning a new language. i.e. Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search marketing to name a few…

Now over time whilst I have now grasped these and what’s involved in using them to my customers advantage – along with many others, the one that is hardest to use (but one of the most important) is Link Building. What’s on earth is link building? I hear you say! I thought the same. This article here explains that rather well. Put simply it’s probably one of the most important tools that should be used by your Search Engine Optimisation specialist (or you if you are a DIY’er)

Link Building is all about building up external Links to your website that have a link from their website to yours and visa versa. The correct way of doing this for the search engines is by making sure that the links are relevant to your subject matter(s) To explain further – In other words if you happen to write an article about Lift Levelling problems, then any links you have should go to either another article by either a manufacturer, trade association or other industry expert.

However this is not for the fainthearted as it isn’t an easy nor overnight process. It can take a serious amount of time and dedication to undertake industry research for your own particular niche.

With the number of tools available, you could easily end up signing-up for one or more link-building tools which are completely and utterly alien, use technical terms that you have never heard of nor understand and in the end you end up throwing in the towel!

Coaching Engineers

At one point whilst trying this out before using it on a clients project, I was losing the will to live! It was a complete nightmare.

Yes I thought to myself I do have a life! 

After eventually figuring out that the best way to do this was to give it to one of my tech guys to figure out.

What was really annoying was that he had already been through the exact same pain as me, but figured it out in no time, but failed to tell me! After hours of poring over stuff (that I shouldn’t really have been doing) I could have gotten on with other stuff by passing it over to someone who knew what they were doing. 

The moral of the story is that Link Building is 70% of Search Engine Optimisation. It has to be done, but make sure you don’t try to do it all yourself. Outsource it to someone who does this as part of their daily routine.

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