Why Webinars in HVAC Businesses are Rarely used.

Many senior HVAC managers in HVAC and other Building Services Business have attended a webinar of some sort, most of which are usually based around some particular issue around running their Business, whether that is on HR, Finance, Sales or Marketing. What we don’t understand however is why webinars in HVAC Business are rarely used. In fact for UK HVAC Businesses its close to zero. Lets explore this further.

To make this more confusing, according to Search Engine Journal 91% of B2B Professionals Say Webinars Are Their Preferred Type of Content Whilst those are pretty impressive stats we have found that very few UK HVAC and M&E Businesses have created (or intend to create) any webinars specifically around HVAC technical challenges or innovations or product launches or Applications.

Don’t believe me? This is a Google Search Result “Webinars for HVAC” Every result except for CIBSE are all by US companies, who seem to pump these out on a weekly basis, which is crazy and clearly it seems like there is a huge opportunity being missed by UK HVAC and Building Services Businesses.

The Perception is they are difficult to create

Despite Senior Managers of UK HVAC Businesses having attended Webinars themselves, they perceive that Webinars are difficult to create and can add little value, whereas in fact they are really easy to create and with a variety of Platforms available its also easy to get attendees and contributors. On24, Webex and Zoom are just a number that provide simple ways for Businesses to “do it themselves” We here at Marketing 4 also provide a “do it for you” service which many Businesses prefer especially with our pedigree in HVAC Marketing.

This article from Get Response also shows How to create your first webinar 

Webinars can be delivered live and also on-demand through replays and you can schedule the webinars to suit the best times when they are more likely to get viewed and attended.

HVAC Webinars are potentially very powerful marketing tools and if prepared and delivered well could be a great source of Income for your business. With webinars you can:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Become an industry authority
  • Target specific audiences
  • Develop bonds connections and communications with the participants.

If Webinars are so great why aren’t HVAC Businesses using them?

The answers often fall into the same issue with Video creation – People are camera shy and dont like the thought of being seen by potentially hundreds of customers and often don’t feel comfortable speaking to a camera.

Senior Managers in HVAC Businesses often come from an operational or “Hands On” type role and therefore new Customer facing roles should be left to dedicated Sales & Marketing specialists. Equally sometimes the Sales is handled by those senior managers who have fallen into to doing that because there isn’t anyone else to do it.

5 Tips for developing successful HVAC webinars

  1. Design your webinars specifically for the target audience. If you want to attract high-quality leads, do the research on the customers you want to reach and obtain their email addresses.
  2. Develop a clear webinar promotion process. Carefully choose the methods you’re going to use to spread the word about the event. Start the promotion at least a few weeks before using multiple communication channels including social media, promotion into key LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Remember to send last-minute reminders to all registrants.
  3. Use the right platform and tools. Make sure you have everything you need to offer your audience the best possible experience. Fast and stable Internet connection, professional quality microphone, and reliable webinar marketing platform – without the right tools the webinars is unlikely to succeed.
  4. Reuse the webinar content. Send it out via a blog post summarizing the content of webinar, create a screen capture video with key takeaways, upload the slide deck to SlideShare, add it to your email marketing cycle, etc.
  5. Offer the webinar recording. Offer a copy of the webinar recording to all the people who sign up. Then you can reach those who couldn’t attend the live event. Delighted participants will probably want to watch it again or even share it with colleagues.

Would you like to offer a Webinar to your HVAC Customers?

We can create and manage the entire programme for you and even provide the presenters. Additionally you do it yourself and through a free download below from Get Response 

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