Local UV-C Air Purification system

With many people looking at what they can do with their Ventilation systems to comply with Government Guidelines on recommended changes – including switching of recirculated air, that still leaves the issue of providing confidence to employees who are still considering returning to the office safely.

Many sites now have VRF and Split systems installed and therefore use local recirculated air to draw local room air back through the indoor units to heat/cool the air through the refrigeration circuits. So how do you deal with local recirculated air?

Managing agents are turning to their FM and M&E service providers for advice and recommendations on how to deal with this.

This new product is a special Local UV-C for VRF Fan Coils and Split Systems from Blue Science is a great way of killing Covid locally directly within the airflow inside of the indoor unit.

This is a quick and easy retrofit to VRF and Split Systems and local solution to Covid without the need to make radical changes to Ventilation systems.

Split System UVC Air Purification


The UV-C for VRF Fan Coils and Split Systems utilises the disinfectant properties of UV-C light to convert an air-conditioning unit into a simple & powerful Air Purifier. The contaminated air is pulled in through the air filter of the unit, where it is then heated/cooled via the unit’s coil. The Blue Science system covers the air around the coil in UV-C light, cleaning it during the process. The cleaned cooled/heated air is then distributed back into the conditioned space by the air-conditioning unit free of virus, bacteria, moulds and odours.

The process continues the whole time the unit is in operation. The system can now give confidence to Managing Agents, FM and M&E Service Providers who in turn can inform the Buildings Occpiers that the space they work in is free of potentially harmful virus, bacteria and mould.


As an example the price for a single standard wall mounted kit is £150 plus installation and £300 for a ceiling cassette. There are also larger systems available that can be added to the standard kit. Prices will come down for multiple units. Because of the the of UV-C light, the special UV-C LED light strips have to be installed in specific locations depending on the indoor unit type.

Installation costs are determined by number, type and location of units and whether the work can be carried out during or outside of Normal hours. We undertake installations for a minimum of 5 units.


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