Live Chat on your website

Have you experienced those really annoying Chat windows that pop up and appear immediately when you land on someones website? I know I have and it really winds me up!

However when done properly having a Live Chat facility can be really beneficial and helps to convert more visitors to customers. Especially when it comes to technical support. Many Customers may have some pre-sales technical questions about your product or service. Let me begin with an example.

Pre-sales Technical Support

One of our Customers are a large Manufacturer and Distributor of Air Conditioning equipment. They have a technical department as well as Equipment Sales and an after Sales Service division. They have many products in their range some of which could be used in the same application. Having a live chat facility which is activated by the website visitor rather than an annoying pop-up.

Saves Sending an engineer.

Another example is an M&E service Contractor, they have benefitted from being able to answer questions that non-technical visitors were having about problems they were having with their various systems and what could be done to help. In many cases they were able to help them fix their own problems without needing to call out an engineer.

What is Live Chat? 

Live Chat is a customer service and sales tool for your website that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your staff and they can choose which department they want help with.

Visitors to your web site simply click a Live Help button and are connected with one of your team. Your assistants then help the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, documents, or even guiding them through your web site.

The Live Chat solution is easy to get going and is quick and simple to get working, and it doesn’t matter what type of system your website has been built with. This means there is no hardware to install and you can get started instantly. If you want you can personalise the chat button, the chat window, pre-chat window and offline message window with your own branding.

If you don’t have a Live Chat facility then you are missing out on a great opportunity and helps to answer those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) If you have set up a page that answers those questions and can send your potential customers to those page live from the chat facility.

Various Chat Options

There are many different systems available and as a specialist M&E, HVAC and FM Marketing Business we have evaluated most of these, as we are often asked to get them implemented into our customers websites, but in our opinion the best one is MyLivechat

The reason is simple. Its really easy to install, has great support if you get stuck and you can get started with their free version.

I strongly urge you to get a Live Chat facility implemented for your website, and you will notice your conversion from simple tyre kicker to customer improve dramatically. If you need some help with starting out with your Live Chat facility give our team a call on 01252 413596, or use our Chat facility!