Using IOT in HVAC Applications

Much has been said about IOT in recent times and often there is confusion around the benefits of using IOT in HVAC applications. Marketing 4 IOT HVAC Monitoring is a seamless Building Monitoring Solution that connects dumb items of M&E and HVACR equipment – such as Pumps, Water tanks, Air Conditioners, Fridges/freezers and other pieces of equipment with Landlords, Managing Agents, site managers and their Maintenance Contractors to ensure they are working correctly and to allow condition based HVAC and M&E Maintenance activities to take place and reduce/stop equipment failures as well as managing energy. 

Marketing 4 Monitoring’s IOT system pulls data from proven specialist sensors to monitor specific pieces of equipment in operation and provide a live, non-technical view of building performance. This data is leveraged by Marketing 4 and the Monitoring platform to inform maintenance strategies, deliver operational efficiencies and save energy.

Case Study: Keeping Airport lounges running

Airport Lounges

Using low-cost plug-and-play sensors connected directly with the job management platform, The FM Maintenance Contractor is able to monitor the performance of Split and VRF Air Conditioners within Airport lounges in various airports remotely in near real time and automatically receive automatic alarms in response to equipment operating outside of pre-agreed limits, as well as reporting on Energy use.

This allows the M&E Contractor to identify and diagnose many issues prior to complete failure and without the need for time-consuming and expensive site visits.

The Service Manager said the that IOT would have a significant impact on the facilities management and maintenance services his business can provide.

He noted:

The IOT solution allows them to get closer to the customer and provide a more responsive, customer-focused offering based on the accurate live data received on both asset and facility performance.

The solution is also being successfully used in a mix of commercial sites across the UK.

How does it work?

Marketing 4 IOT Monitoring does not replace any existing BMS system. In fact, they are ideal for Buildings or equipment without any special Control systems.  

Instead, special battery powered sensors are fitted directly onto key equipment within the main HVAC plant to monitor Vibration, Energy usage, Temperatures of Heating, Hot Water, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Water levels and more. Operational and Status data is then sent to Marketing 4 IOT Monitoring’s cloud-based platform, where it can be accessed remotely at any time.

By evaluating the live performance data, Marketing 4 will immediately pinpoint where either equipment is not operating within pre-determined parameters or if energy wastage is occurring and recommend a course of action.

What can be monitored?

Energy Management

Marketing 4 IOT Monitoring can track and record temperature, vibration, air and water quality, humidity, pressures, liquid levels, comfort cooling, power consumption – pretty much anything you want. Here are some of our popular sensors:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Water detection sensor
  • Water level sensor
  • Open/closed sensor
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Power consumption sensor

There are many more and you can literally connect any item of HVAC equipment

The Dashboard and Portal

Marketing 4 Monitoring’s Dashboard gives you a live view of how individual pieces of key HVAC equipment in your buildings are performing. You can identify live equipment performance statistics and see how operational behaviour changes over time and access actionable insights with our auto reporting features.

Get alerted when filters actually need changing/cleaning and when belts on a pump or AHU are failing.

The Dashboard and portal brings in critical alarms from the sensors which can be set up to alert remote staff when equipment operates outside of predetermined parameters – for example, if belts on a pump or AHU are failing or water level rises above an agreed level – so reactions can be dealt with quickly.

Marketing 4 offers a connected HVAC IOT solution that can reduce the number of onsite equipment and other asset inspections, achieve faster response times to reduce failures in the field, reduce reactive maintenance by way of alerts prior to equipment failure and identification of equipment failure prior to inspection.

This article shows the effect on equipment performance and Energy consumption as a result of AHU belt failings 

Marketing 4 IOT allows you to retrofit IOT sensors to any existing devices or infrastructure at minimal cost with the subsequent set-up in the Field Management software being achieved in mere minutes.

The data from the systems can be shared with facilities managers, remote maintenance contractors and managing agents for use in reports or to monitor key performance indicators.

Property & equipment performance reviews

One of the core features of the Marketing 4 IOT Monitoring offering is to provide an ongoing consultancy service to ensure alarms are being dealt with and equipment improvement and efficiencies and are continuously looked for.

Once key equipment and sensing has been identified and implemented, Marketing 4 and our IOT Monitoring will review the equipment usage data and provide recommendations for further improvements on a regular basis. The Marketing 4 Monitoring team will then hold regular review meetings with key stakeholders – including the M&E engineers – to ensure the recommended changes are followed up in the field.

Customer Training

We can train your HVAC service providers on the HVAC applications, installation and operation of Marketing 4 IOT Monitoring, and give them the tools they need to interpret the Marketing 4 and IOT Monitoring data for themselves.

M&E Maintenance Contractor involvement with the system is also tracked, ensuring issues can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.

Do you want to get started with IOT in HVAC applications? 

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