Don’t be a Quote machine – Turn More Quotes into Orders

Busy and Successful M&E Business that provide both Installations, Maintenance or both will be churning out multiple quotes, especially when there is a high-demand. Extreme weather conditions often cause multiple equipment failures and that puts excessive pressures on you to keep customers happy. In many cases Business Owners often roll their sleeves up and get stuck-in just for the sake of customer satisfaction.

But with that demand to be reactive and get your technicians to site to attend to breakdowns comes the need to get repair quotes out to those Customers quickly and accurately. Unless you have a fully joined up Field Management system and have a process to keep on top of those quotes and orders, you are in danger of letting many slip by. Don’t be a quote machine – turn more quotes into orders.

There are plenty of examples of busy fools whose order win rates are are as low as 1 or 2 out every 10 quotes. Thats over 80% that they aren’t winning!

It’s often said that it’s easier to win more work from your existing customers, so you need to be putting effort into improving your conversion rates and therefore by default win more orders.

In the US there are many homes that have fully ducted HVAC systems (maybe we should be doing that here!) These Videos on US website EGIA shows how to deal with both high volumes of enquiries but winning more customer orders – albeit its based around winning work from home owners. You can apply those same principles into the UK Commercial environment.

Selling doesn’t always come naturally to Smaller M&E Businesses, so having the time and ability to produce the quotes in a timely manner, ensuring that you have set-aside time to handle and deal with potential objections and follow them up to win the orders can be time-consuming. We can handle the whole process of chasing up quotes, handling objections and turning that into real business.

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