The Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System in the World – Using Thermx Solar Cooling.

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This Thermx Solar Cooling patented technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% on most types of commercial HVAC systems right across the board from the smallest split system right through to the largest VRF systems and large Air Cooled Water Chillers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Pizza Hut, Texaco, Spar, the MOD and Mercedes Benz (to name just a few) have all got the Thermx solar cooling systems installed.

How does it work?

Today’s latest compressor technology offer variable speed, therefore the refrigeration system is working with a considerably improved correlation between demand and production. The compressor has the ability to slow down in variable or staged modes, and because the solar cooling system implements our third party heat source i.e. a Solar Thermal Collection System) allowing the compressor to take advantage of that heat, therefore achieving the desired cooling capacity without the additional energy consumption.


LG thermX

Thermodynamics of ThermX™

The well-known compressor technology is enhanced with our unique proprietary developed solar thermal collection system. We now have a super advanced compressor system.

ThermX™ uses an exclusive patented process, of placing a 3-party heat exchanger between the Compressor and Condenser. Utilising the free available energy from the sun to heat the refrigerant & subsequently reducing the workload of the compressor/s..

The hotter the sun shines, the more the solar system takes over the heating of the refrigerant gas and the more power is saved. The compressor acts now mainly as a pump, providing the necessary cycle flow.

Works in Heating Mode too

In heating mode the system works in almost the same way, but now the flow changes compared to the cooling mode. The additional free heating of the refrigerant in the solar panel allows the compressor to reduce its load, and therefore, its power consumption. Dependent on sun levels, COP figures of over 8 are possible!

Again the more the sun shines, the more the solar panel takes over the compressing of the gas and the more power is saved, as the compressor now acts mainly as a pump providing the necessary cycle flow.

The system is also fitted with a special Solar Bypass Valve. This allows the refrigerant gas to bypass the solar panel in heating mode, when the sun is non-existent. i.e. night-time and heavy cloud.

The Benefits

  • The hotter it gets, the less the compressor works.
  • Saves huge amounts of energy.
  • Substantially reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Eliminates compressor failure due to overheating.
  • Substantially increases compressor lifespan.
  • Fast ROI with an increased lifespan.
  • COP figures of over 8 are possible on our multi stage compression systems.
  • Retrofit systems are available on most types of A/C, Vrf, Chillers and Heat Pumps systems.

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VRF Systems – Commercial Applications

  • 1 Outdoor unit for up to 64 separate indoor units.
  • VRF – systems for highest efficiency and easy installation.
  • Many different indoor types: cassettes, ducts, floor/ceiling, wall mounted.
  • Heat pumps for cooling and heating.
  • Capacity 8 -> 200 kW.

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