Display pricing


If you were in the market looking for your own Building Services, M&E, HVAC or FM products/Services, would you expect to find the prices of your products/services being displayed and possibly a shopping cart for what you are buying? – Well actually yes in many cases. However everyone is very protective and doesn’t want to show their competitors what they charge – so they don’t bother

We are all used to seeing prices on E-Commerce sites like Easyjet, Amazon, Holiday sites etc. But in the Building services business it’s pretty rare. So Should You Display Your Prices On Your Website?

The buyers who are looking for what you offer will want to know what you charge, but if they can’t find what they need immediately then they will go and find it elsewhere. They don’t wan’t to call you and speak to a Sales Person.

We aren’t suggesting that your customer is looking to buy the latest Escalator, Chiller, AHU etc. online, as these are often built to spec and therefore the prices will be bespoke to that supplier.

However if i.e. they want a price for service/maintenance contract then that could be much easier to offer. Equally you could offer a single wall mounted split with a standard basic installation (subject to final survey) or 5 Zone Basic Fire Alarm System.

Most End-User customers now fully expect to see your pricing, so if you can why not offer Retail pricing direct to End-Users, or if you sell Products, Parts, Components or Consumables to Contractors and Installers then provide a Trade log-in so they can also buy easily from you.

In a world where everyone is pushed for time and where competition is rife then being able to set yourself apart will make more winners.

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