As busy Facilities Managers you’re always under pressure to save Energy in your Commercial property – right? Equally if you are an HVACR contractor you are always looking for tried and trusted ways to guarantee to save energy in their building(s)

You’ve probably installed (or considering) LED lighting, optimised the equipment run times, set-up your BMS or Control system to maximise the efficiencies from your equipment and maybe installed some inverter drives, but what can you do to cut-down on the really big Energy thieves?

Have you ever looked at saving energy with Solar Cooling? However don’t be confused by the terminology and application. These are not traditional solar panels connected to power Air Conditioners. These are special patented Solar Cooling panels that contain refrigerant and are directly connected between the compressor and condenser on any refrigeration or Air Conditioning system.

To explain how it works in full detail have a look at our webpage here.

However this article is directly related as to how much Energy these Solar Cooling panels can save you and more importantly who else is using them and how much have they saved, as well as the actual paybacks achieved.

To answer that you need to see actual Case Studies from a cross section of live actual UK projects. The savings depend upon the usage and application, however you can easily expect to see between 30-50% in Energy savings and paybacks in around 2-3-years.

Check out this Case study of the 42% saving that Abingdon Leisure Centre achieved.

White Horse Leisure PDF Image


There are of course many others applications where substantial savings can and have been achieved across a wide variety of applications, from the a/C system in a petrol station shop to retail display refrigeration and large Commercial Chillers.

Cummins Diesel

Chingford Fruits

How about visiting a site with the Solar Cooling system in action? You can find out from the horses mouth exactly how the Solar Cooling system has benefitted them. just complete the form at the bottom of the page.

These are an ideal retrofit into existing VRF systems and any refrigeration/A/C system with variable speed compressors. In fact if you are an HVAC contractor that maintains VRF systems for your clients, this is a great reason to add value to your maintenance contract by advising your clients on the Energy saving opportunities. Both the contractor and the customer win. The contractor because its additional project revenue, the customer because they save energy which goes straight on the bottom line.

The only limiting factor is having sufficient space to mount the Solar Cooling Panels. 

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