You know you need new Tender and Quote opportunities, however do you have the time or ability to do Sales & Marketing?


Growing your Business is a no Brainer, however many specialist M&E/Facilities Businesses tell us that they are just too busy with the operation side of the business and they don’t have the time or the ability to implement their own Sales & Marketing systems.

In fact it can be highly frustrating and confusing with all the various Sales & Marketing systems that you have to use to be really effective.

You started your business because you are good at what you do, not because you’re a Sales & Marketing expert. So, if you want to get new Quoting opportunities you can either get going with our complete Done for you  Sales & Marketing service or PAYG Sales & Marketing Training, then the details of the options we offer are listed below:

So how are you supposed to fit in Sales & Marketing too?

We understand that every contractor wants to grow their Business but just don’t have the time or perhaps any interest in doing Sales and Marketing for themselves – in fact for many it can be quite daunting and alien and they just don’t do it because the thought of interacting with complete strangers is totally off putting.

We know what its like, because we’ve lived and breathed that every working day for nearly 30 years and the way we do Business now is totally different to how we used to market.

Sales people are can be an expensive commodity and of course can provide you with access to new opportunities, but if you are a small contractor taking on and managing a direct sales person could easily cost you £80-100 K by the time you have taken Salary, Commission, Holiday, NI, Car, Pension etc into account.

The days of cold calling are dead and buried – nobody does that now as your customers employ professional gatekeepers to stop you getting through to your potential clients. The marketing world has changed, now all of a sudden you have to know and understand SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email Marketing, Blog Posts, Webinars, Seminars, Content writing, developing new contacts, PR etc. etc.

So how do you grow your Business and get all of these marketing actions completed every month?

You let us do it for you through one of our Fully Managed Sales & Marketing programmes.

We provide you with the alternatives and you can easily choose the one that suits you and your budget best.

Our done for you marketing services:

Fully Outsource your Marketing

For businesses turning over £1,000,000+, it may be worth outsourcing all your Sales & marketing to us.

We will be your Part-Time outsourced Sales & Marketing team and advise you on your Sales and Marketing approach and help you manage your Sales Team, and help you implement the right kind of marketing that will generate the right kind of leads to match your business.

Whichever option you prefer why not get in contact and we will be in touch to discuss your needs. For many businesses we can create bespoke Sales & marketing requirements to suit your needs and budget.

On Demand PAYG Sales & Marketing Training

We have developed a series of Training Modules from Basic Sales skills, to more advanced M&E specific modules whether you are selling to specifiers, manin contractors or end-users

Call on 01252 413596 and book yourself a free no obligation consultation. Choose a time to suit you and we will call you.