Local Video Marketing


Having Created a great Video – whether it be an explainer about your Building Services, HVAC or FM Products or Services, such as a Case Study, “How to” or simply an Introduction to your Company, then you need to let everyone know about it. After all whats the point of creating a video if no one knows about it? This is especially true if you cover a local area. So if you don’t do any “local business video marketing” then your brilliant web video will struggle to get found.

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A video that you are going to add to your website needs to be treated the same way as if you are writing a new web page. It needs a “Title” and a “Description” to tell the search Engines – in particular Google what the video is all about as well as using the keywords that relate to the video.

So if for example you happen to be a Tiling Contractor in Bridgend then the Title of the Video needs to say either “Tiling Contractor Bridgend” or “Bridgend Tiling Contractor”. A proper Keyword research will then also tell you what other related keywords you can use in the main content.

The body text of the video needs to also have between 200-400 words to explain what the video is all about.

The bottom line is that a fantastic Video can be completely wasted if it’s not optimised properly.

Web Video can be a great asset for your HVAC Business. Let us help you create the video and then market it properly. Why not call us for a free no obligation consultation 0844 884 2370 or email chris@marketingforcontractors.co.uk