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A good Building Services marketing campaign should be online and one of the best ways to begin marketing especially when ‘What you do and who you do it for’ is explained with video. However just having a basic written intro to your M&E or Facilities Products or Services isn’t enough, whereas a marketing video for business is great in raising your profile.

Just consider these stats in the graphic below and you will see why we are saying that video is a must do for any type of M&E or Facilities business.

However what will set you apart -especially In the Building Services and Facilities Maintenance World, is the use of explainer and “How to videos”. These are exploding across the Internet and in every industry and they enable you to deliver a very powerful message to your customers especially if you operate in a niche.

Consider this – You have a niche M&E business i.e. maintaining UPS systems in a Commercial Office. Competition is tough and most of the jobs go to the larger Manufacturers/Distributors, mainly because of their big marketing budget and widespread ability to get their messages across to their customers, through PR, Web Marketing etc. So how are you going to demonstrate your capabilities to your potential targets? The answer is very simply get them to trust you through the use of a Marketing video for Business. which is marketed well.

A great way to grasp the concept is to imagine a physical retail example. If you were running a Commercial Real Estate business, which would be more likely to turn into a sale? A few hundred people having walked past your office listing the type and price of your available office space; or one person having seen your walk-through videos and just walked into the office with chequebook in hand, ready to view that specific office?

There are 3 parts to creating Business web videos and then where and how they will be used. See below for each stage.

Part 1 – “How to” Business Video Creation and editing

These “How to Videos” demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and helps the visitor to build up a trust in your capabilities and to solve the web visitors problems. After all at this point there is a great chance they know nothing about you, who else you have supplied your equipment to or “How to – Install, Repair or Set-up your Product .

Now we aren’t suggesting you literally do show them “How to fix” their actual problem, but do give them a real good insight into what hurdles and challenges have to be overcome and how you have gone about it.

Part 2 – Give the visitor a reason to come back to you

The second thing that your web visitor will find useful is the ability to download an actual report of what challenges have to be considered and how they can be overcome and how you fixed a particular clients problem – i.e. A series of case studies embedded into the report. In addition you could dispel some myths, display accreditation’s, and demonstrate your ability to work on different manufacturers equipment etc.

You must also consider that your web visitor might not be ready to buy just yet and is in the “research” stage, so they might just want something to keep for future reference.

Part 3 – Video Marketing

The third issue to consider is letting your target clients know all about your videos. After all what’s the point of spending a chunk of your marketing on getting a great video and then you don’t tell anyone about it!

Once the video has been produced you need to upload it to as many Video Channels as possible including YouTube and Vimeo at the very least. – In case you didn’t know the second biggest search engine (after Google) is YouTube and guess who owns YouTube? Google! So that in itself is a no brainer.

However it doesn’t just stop there, because again there are thousands of videos on YouTube but most never appear because they haven’t been video optimised. You will also need to promote your video(s) via social media and then get your connections to like them so then there connections see them too- and that’s how viral marketing works.

You will also need a Video Channel so if you have multiple videos then they can all be added to the channel and then you promote the channel to your visitors with specific calls to action. You need to promote your videos regularly to your Blog, but also to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

HVAC, Building Services and FM Video Production

There are a lot of choices when it comes to video production, however very few people know and understand how to create Marketing Videos for Businesses – especially when it comes to understanding the technical aspects of HVAC, Building Services or Facilities Businesses and then be able to convey that in easy to grasp stories that get your messages across, especially if they are of a technical nature which is why we offer the best M&E business specific video ads at the most affordable prices.

There are many different types of web video productions and some work better than others depending on your Business type and budget.

You can use your Web Videos to market yourself on Google, YouTube, your Blog, and other online marketing routes. Video is one of the best ways to market your business especially when it comes to getting great organic searches

Video Types

You could consider any one of the many types like these examples below.

1. Animated Video

2. Explainer Video

3. How To Video

M&E Web Video Costs

Depending on what you want to create will determine the cost – and because they are bespoke to each different product or service then so is the need to discuss this with you.

“How to videos” are priced according to filming, use of actors, studio hire, amount of editing, whether we need to shoot at a physical site location or use a Green screen in a studio. 

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Business Web Video – The Production Process

Creating an HVAC, Building Services or FM Business video or Video Channel series starts with us understanding your business, your niche, your ideal customers type(s) where you operate and what you want to achieve. The simplest way to do that is by getting in touch and sending us an email.

In addition to the Video Production and editing, you will have to add in the Video Marketing Process This involves optimising each video so that it is found by your target customers. So if you happen to be a local “Tiling Contractor in Norwich”, then you need to make sure that the video title and description says that. Each video will need 200-400 words which must be optimised with your keywords i.e. “Tiling Contractor Norwich”. I’m sure you get the picture!

Marketing 4 Contractors team have well over 70 years combined M&E Marketing experience and works with a variety of clients from National Manufacturers of Air Conditioning equipment to smaller specialist Facilities Contractors, and we provide anything from a simple Email Marketing programme through to a complete “hand us the keys” marketing service.

All work is carried out by fully qualified experts in M&E covering everything from SEO, web design, Social media, Email, PPC to name just a few.

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Have a look at these amazing 360 type videos that you can have created too.

Imagine being able to show case your Building Services equipment, HVAC, FM Products or Services in a way that allows your website visitor to be able to zoom in directly on your product in situ. They can pan around your product, rotate around it from all angles and be able to zoom in all from either their office, or on mobile.

The first one below is using Google Maps “see inside”. Imagine being able to navigate around the inside of a Plant room and then be able to zoom in our your Equipment!

Hotel Virtual Tour

This one below shows how you can literally zoom in to the roof of a building, and see the HVAC equipment on many of the roofs. These can also be filmed using drones and can be directly above the Buildings where your equipment is installed.

London Skyline

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