Rubbish Content Marketing


There’s nothing worse than a contractors website that has very poor or basic content (The words written on each web page). In fact what doesn’t help either is that many contractors websites are very basic with only a few pages i.e. (Home, About, Services, Contact)

Often the “Content” to fill up these pages is provided by the Business owner, Director or Senior Manager that has responsibility for looking after the website.

The most common problem however is they are involved in the business and subsequently are looking at their business through “rose tinted glasses”.

They tend to write things like we offer ……, we provide……. we….. (you get the picture!) Basically rubbish website content.


The problem is they are too close to their own contracting business to look at things from a customer perspective.

We would further argue that many of these contractors were the one who started the business, having been “on the tools” before, which means they wear all of the “hats” in the business, whether, Invoicing, buying materials, or getting new opportunities to quote.

This probably means they have written the content based around their own pre-conceived ideas about what they think should be written on each page.

Whilst it’s great that they have built their businesses from the ground up and that they have a website, it’s often just a “Brochure” type website about what they do, which just isn’t enough and won’t do anything for the potential visitor who is looking for a fix for their problem.

To make matters worse, those pages are just too general and have no relevance to the location of the searcher, so you need to “tell” the searcher of the areas that you work in or the town names if that helps.

“That’s all very” nice we hear you say, but what can be done to fix those pages and turn the website into a lead generating machine? Well simply the first thing is the website needs to be bulked out with pages and posts being added that are relevant to the searcher, and that involves SEO.

OK what’s SEO we hear you say? Well that a subject for another post, however in essence it means Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and it means that each web page is optimised for keywords/phrases that the searcher would be expected to use when searching for the services you provide.

However, recently the whole world surrounding this subject is changing rapidly, as can be seen by nicely by this post by The Content Marketing Institute which sums everything up nicely.

Basically where before everything was written for the benefit of the search engines it should now be written for the benefit of the web visitors instead.

I’ve tried to explain some more in the video below

So I suggest that if you want to make your website more interesting and relevant to the web visitor that you firstly add a page for each of the services you provide, and then you write (or you get it written for you) the type of content that is useful and interesting and will make the website visitor pick up the phone or send you and email.

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