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Contractors are now starting to see the benefit of Web Video

Previously, there has often been skepticism by HVAC Contractors about the benefit that video can bring to their Businesses, and often that’s often because they are just too busy to devote time to doing it. Furthermore, they think it’s expensive because they have to hire a film crew with expensive cameras, lighting, the need to visit one or more locations, request special permission from their customers to do the filming etc. etc. In other words too much hard work for very little perceived return.

However the whole process is now much quicker, cheaper and easier, as the filming can be done by one person without the need for expensive crews, equipment and often doesn’t need a visit to site. Many contractors are now starting to see the benefit of Web Video, and have been taking a look at the M&E & HVAC equipment suppliers and manufacturers for Inspiration. Web video has been used by them for some time to explain their unique features and benefits and why their equipment should be considered. 

To understand how useful. Check out this link about why and how you should use web video. Once you have read it and understood it, I’m sure you will see the benefit of doing them too.

Until recently web video production and editing would have been quite expensive, but with all web based things the pricing has come down to a much more affordable level. (Also, quite timely is this post about the forthcoming use of Video on LinkedIn)

We therefore have an offer that is all about getting you started with web video. Put simply we are going to produce a short 1-minute explainer video using an ex-BBC presenter in an office environment at no cost to you, which you can use without limitation on your website and on YouTube, Vimeo and other Video hosting services.

To take advantage (you can choose the subject video type and the use of our ex-BBC presenter) – so no need to worry about getting in front of a camera as a jabbering wreck!

The type of video he recommends is known as an explainer or “how to” video. He will explain anything from a Blog article, Case Study, New product/service or do a Testimonial etc. There will also be your logo, any special overlay text and Call to action at the end. There is absolutely no cost to you. However this offer expires in:

Whats in it for us? We get to demonstrate how great our video production and how your new video can be used to help get you new projects, so hopefully you get to consider us for further web videos.

If you want to take advantage of this limited time offer please do get in touch. 01252 413596 or email

N.B. Free Video offer is limited to 1 video per new customer only.