With Covid-19 Continuing to be prevalent in Communities and unknown super spreaders living and working amongst us, there continues to be major concerns about making workplaces safe for people to return to work.

Much has been written about making changes to AHU’s and Ventilation systems to increase Ventilation rates and to turn off recirc air, but it isn’t always practical to do so.

AHU & Duct Mounted Air Purification could solve the problem of IAQ without the need to physically reconfigure things and increase ventilation rates.

These in our opinion are the best and most suitable proven systems that not only kill Covid-19 but improves IAQ in many other areas.

There are simply 2 different product types available when thinking about installing systems into Air Handling units or ducting connected to them.

Option 1. This is a complete unit that combines UV-C and Air Oxidisation. The units are available in different sizes depending on the size of the system that they need to purify and can be mounted in either the AHU or Ductwork depending on space available. You can read more on this link HALO-LED-Spec-sheet


Air Purifier

Option 2. Is the well-established UV-C light system. These AHU or Duct mounted units also provide additional benefits such as saving energy, killing mould, eliminating pathogens and removing biofilm on Cooling or Heating Coils.

Available in many sizes and also mount into either AHU or ductwork. Beware, not all systems are the same.

UVC Lamp system in-ahu


This video is useful

Both types of system needs a survey to be carried out to determine what size, quantity of units, power supply available and installation location.

Other CIBSE recommendations suggest switching off Fan Coil units on occupied floors. Apart from making occupants uncomfortable this does seem poorly thought out, however local UV-C lamps are available for fitting into each fan coil as indeed local surface mounted systems also work well.

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