Video Marketing


Not Doing Web Video Yet? Miss the boat at your peril, because time is of the essence in the M&E, HVAC and FM world and your ideal customer doesn’t have the time to read your beautifully written article. They would much rather watch a quick video which gets to the heart of the matter.

in the broader Building Services marketplace, there are gazillions of Products and Services all fighting for the same customer’s attention. But your customer goes online when looking for a solution and when your “How to” or explainer Video pops up in his search then there is a very good chance your product or service will get his attention. 

Barely a week goes by without someone writing about creating web video, but very few people know how to get started in HVAC and how and why they should and could be used.

Probably one of the best ways to inform your potential customers about what you do, for whom and where is the use of explainer videos that you can include on your website.

These should be considered in your armoury, especially when it comes to informing them of the process involved with any Inconvenience, Disruption etc. when considering any kind of work within a Commercial project, or as an overview of how a particular product or service would work and the applications.

To show you how it works, we have recently created an explainer video about the Service offerings of Aermec UK 

This is a basic explainer video using Green screen technology (you can change the background to suit the messaging).

Normally these would cost about £250 + VAT for a 1-minute 30-second video. This would include using a professional actor, script writing the message, filming, editing, adding the background (you can have different scrolling images based upon what’s being said) Phone number and Logo overlay, and a maximum of 2 edits. Longer and more complex videos can be created this way but will, of course, affect the cost.

You could do this for any product or service intro/description. This is a good way of starting out with Videos at a reasonable cost.

Fortunately, by using this method, you don’t have to be in front of the camera as the actors take care of that for you.

Creating the videos is only the start, you then have to make sure they get found by your searchers, so, therefore, it’s paramount to market the video properly to include keywords/phrases, like i.e. “How to repair a split Cooling Coil” etc.

By including highly optimised video on your website almost guarantees you a higher web position than your competitors. Be aware however that it won’t be long before your competitors will be including Video in their marketing mix.

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