Government Ventilation Requirements can make complying difficult for many Businesses, especially if it means a potentially expensive bill to make the recommended Ventilation changes, and expense that many can ill afford to pay, such as many struggling Business and schools.

However its not just about the Ventilation, or A/C or Air Quality in isolation. All of these are individual issues in themselves but customers are looking for a joined up comprehensive solution that includes using their BMS and 3rd IoI Air Quality monitoring and control solution as well as installing Air Purification products.

Customers want visibility into their facility, whether they can comply with the guidelines but also ensure the safety of their employees and visitors. They don’t want to make physical mechanical changes to their systems unless absolutely necessary.

However as its clear that there should be a combination of factors to be taken into account.

The safest indoor space is one that constantly has lots of outside air replacing the stale air inside.

In commercial buildings, outside air is usually pumped in through heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. In homes, outside air gets in through open windows and doors, in addition to seeping in through various nooks and crannies.

Simply put, the more fresh, outside air inside a building, the better. Bringing in this air dilutes any contaminant in a building, whether a virus or a something else, and reduces the exposure of anyone inside.

Additionally controlling additional ventilation for air volume, temperature and occupant comfort needs to be factored in especially when the Building has a BMS which can be configured to accommodate these changes. For those without a BMS then IoT Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality is paramount.

There is also an advanced IoT air quality monitoring solution that measures the key indicators of environmental health including CO/ CO2, VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temp, Humidity, Noise, Light. (Click this link)

The reason this may be of interest now is COVID has put wellbeing and environmentals to the forefront of discussions and you would assume the Offices, Schools, Hospitals/Health sector would be reviewing the performance of their environments.

COVID transmission can be linked back to air ventilation and filtration which can be linked back to CO2 levels.

This is an excellent paper outlining the correlation:

Additionally, these environmental conditions can be linked back to plant room (AHU/ HVAC) performance too. All these projects can be easily funded

There is no one fix all solution to Ventilation Requirements, Air Purification and the control and upgrade of existing systems and clearly Buildings need to be looked at individually to see what solution works best whether in isolation or collectively.


This article was written by Chris Gunn our founder and MD who is highly experienced in M&E and HVACR systems

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