This is the sort of thing we see every day. Business waste thousands only to find out that no one is searching for your Products. It happens every day and is not exclusive to Google ether. LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms that offer Paid advertising also offer Products that no one is interested in. So let me give you some examples.

Lets assume you are a Manufacturer of a unique Heat Pump that is aimed at Homeowners. (Sorry nothing personal if you are a manufacturer!)

Your product has some great unique features and will save the Homeowner some money off their Household Energy bill. Wonderful so far. However your product isn’t what your potential Customer is being searched for. There is very low search volume. Google is trying to serve up search results based on what your customers actually want. – Not what your product is.  So why do advertisers still continue to waste money on adverts for products/services that no one is looking for?

If you have a Unique product or Service and you need to let your potential customers know about it, then there is a balance to be had between Branding your Product, how and where you launch it, Customer awareness and whats in it for them. If they no nothing about your product, have never seen or heard of it then they won’t search for it.

You need to have a particular Landing page (the one that your advert sends them to) that totally describes the Product, Features, Benefits, Costs and ease of Installation etc. And of course the Call to action to get them to either request more info, a survey, ask for a quote etc.

What you should do if you are going down the Paid advertising route, is to focus on the Customer benefits. i.e. How your product or Service will benefit them. If (as in the example above) your Products or Services are targeted at Homeowners then make sure you experiment with both Google ads and Facebook too as you can make sure you choose the B2C route. But don’t bother with LinkedIn as that is almost exclusively a B2B medium.

Paid advertising can be really good when used properly and can be laser targeted at your exact ideal Customer, and as a Google Certified Paid advertising agency we know exactly how and where you should promote your product or service.

So if you sell Underwater Cricket bats – make sure you tell people why they should have them!



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