Not getting exposure in the trade mags


Have you got a Fantastic new Product or Service – but no one knows about it? You aren’t alone. Competition amongst suppliers is rife. Just think about the sheer number and variety of M&E, HVAC or FM Contractors alone who have a great story to tell!

One of the most obvious ways to tell the world is to get your message across is by letting the trade publications about how great (you, the product or service) is. After all that’s what your potential customers read too – right? So logically anyone would try and get some exposure in them wouldn’t they?

However getting your story published is far from easy. When you step back and take a helicopter view it’s actually easy to see why you probably have little or no exposure in the trade mags.

Imagine you are the editor of one of these publications. Your inbox gets bombarded by every type of Businesses involved with the Built Environment – whether new build or existing. Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers a whole multitude of HVAC, Cleaning, Security, Energy, Landscaping, Pest Control Contractors etc.

So lets try and follow their decision making processes through when deciding if anything is worth putting into the magazine. But before doing that you have to look at how the publication (and possible parent company) i.e. Emap makes their money to keep the publication going.

Obviously they will be relying on Advertising revenue from the bigger regular established brands in both the published hard copy version as well as from their web version. However that route has become less lucrative as savvy Businesses have been cutting their advertising spend, so they have to look at other routes to bolster their income. 

For Businesses who can’t or don’t want to spend money on a physical advert, there is the option of getting your story published in other ways.

These include:

  • An editorial piece (a short story about your product/service supported by a photo.  They will charge you with a “Colour separation” charge if you want to include a picture in your story.
  • A one off email blast about your story (sent from the publication) to their database of subscribers.
  • A feature in their online publication
  • Submission of your story to their own social media feeds.
  • Inclusion in their online Directory of suppliers
  • Invitations to one of their events – exhibitions, annual awards etc.
  • Banner ads on their websites

If you submit your article the right way – following the publications own guidelines for submission, then you will find you will be contacted by one of the magazines Business developers, whose job is to offer you the options mentioned above! They will also offer you discounts and special offers for multiple future submissions.

This feature in Entrepreneur magazine looks at the right way of handling the needs of the trade mags and some guidelines to help you along the way.

Have you ever wondered how the same Brands are always appearing in the M&E, HVAC & FM publications? Some of it is because they spend money on adverts, so they offer the advertiser regular free editorials. Thats why you will always see something about one of the bigger players. Well actually you could do the same if you become a regular contributor. However you can’t just self promote. If you are lucky enough to be featured then your stories have to be about subjects that the readership is interested in and not just you and your products/services.

Spending money in the trade magazines promoting your story can be expensive but also highly lucrative if it’s done right.

Want to get your story told the right way? Let us help you get into the trade magazines and see how the exposure can skyrocket your sales.

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