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My Dad used to get a local Plumber to fix any water leaks that he couldn’t do himself, and finding (a plumber) that was any good was all done by word of mouth recommendation. Whilst this still happens to some extent most people now turn to Google to check tradespeople for their ability to the job.

However virtually every trade contractor doesn’t bother to get any suitable reviews and see it as too much hassle! What’s worse they don’t realise that they are losing out every day to the local competition.

Why is it so difficult? Surely every Local Contractor knows you must get customer reviews on a regular basis, however it seems that the majority seem to forget their importance. So just so you know there are two important facts that you need to take heed of.

  • Your Customers want to check your Business out before picking up the phone. They want to know that others have had a great experience and that they too can trust you. You have to remember that us Brits are well used to poor customer service – Mechanics and Estate Agents are great examples or being ripped off! So social proof through these reviews is a great way to prove that you have done a great job.
  • The search Engines Rank your Website higher because you have those little Gold Stars.

There are tons of ways that Contractors can get reviews from sites like Checkatrade, Yelp, Scoot etc. But they tend to be used by Homeowners rather than Businesses, so they are only good if firstly you are registered on those sites and secondly if you only work with Homeowners.

If you are a Local Commercial Contractor – (Plumbers, Electricians, A/C, Heating, Landscapers etc.) you should know the importance of getting great Customer Testimonials and reviews. However when it comes to Contractors working exclusively in Commercial Properties – then in most cases its often been difficult trying to get them. Your customer is busy and asking your field technicians to do isn’t always practical, you need them to get on to the next job.

Plenty has been written by us and others about the need to do this but most Businesses are reticent, as it’s often uncomfortable getting the customer to write a testimonial. There are also some great 3rd party software review packages that do all of the heavy lifting and chasing up your customer but they can get expensive if you have several offices.

To make life easy now, there is now a great free tool available that enables your customer to effortlessly leave a review. You just need to email them a simple link direct to the review, which can literally take them seconds to complete.

In addition to the importance of reviews is also the absolute importance in getting listed in the Google 3-pack. What the heck is that I hear you say! Basically Google has made changes to its local searches, mainly because 56 percent of all mobile searches have a local need. And now that the MAJORITY of searches are being done on a mobile device, getting in the top three slots is going to create a massive uplift in your website’s traffic.

As you can see from the image below, Google now only displays the top 3 Local businesses – known as the 3-Pack!


Search Engine Reviews


This gives local Contractors an edge that national competitors can’t copy.

What Google’s 3 pack has done is to finally give local businesses a fighting chance against much larger, national competitors. The three pack ONLY features local businesses. It will ONLY display websites that are SEO optimised in their local area.

So how do you get your Business into this section – which is displayed at the top of the page no matter where you appear elsewhere? I suggest that you read this web page as it explains how to do it really well. But if you don’t want to or can’t do it yourself, then let us set it for you.

So just to summarise here is a great Info Graphic showing just how important Local Reviews are for your Business.


Customer Reviews


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