Remote Support

The MEP industry is often slow to adopt new ways of working, despite advances in technology which can vastly improve the ways these businesses operate. i.e. It took years to adopt to the maintenance standard SFG 20, but its now the norm on most M&E tenders.

Improvements in processes can be learnt outside of HVAC.  Simple ways of adopting those things we take for granted such as the way we use our mobile phones shows how the built in camera can be used by technicians to both their benefit and the customer. The Car Industry has been at the forefront of technological advances for some years – which we as consumers take for granted, but often we don’t realise it.

Service & Maintenance usually the last thing an M&E buyer wants to consider

Selling a shiny new piece of equipment is often the first thing M&E Manufacturers want to promote and service and spare parts are usually the last thing a buyer wants to consider. Service, maintenance and repairs are less glamorous, noisy and dirty – work that is necessary, as with anything mechanical or electrical as failures are commonplace.

With the ability for buyers to choose from manufacturers and independants, the problem for customers is finding someone trustworthy from the whole array of different service providers offerings and putting trust in the ones you are considering working with.  

The Car Industry Leads the way

The car manufacturers decided to build the trust between the service technician and the car driver at an early stage. Audi was one of those. They developed an Audi branded App (built and powered by a 3rd party) and promoted it to potential car buyers and service customers. The app meant that the technician would capture a video of any issues and explain it through narration.

This system of simply using the “show and tell” approach to customer issues meant that the customer could actually see what they were being told rather than a technician saying that something had failed and here is your quote!

7 years in the making, the MEP industry are now adopting this same technology used in the car industry and MEP Businesses Show 45% Conversion Improvement in orders received. US Business XOi shows how its done.

The App and desktop version has also helped:

  • Increase profit margins.
  • Improve productivity by 25% from technicians.
  • Reduced call backs and credits by 30%.
  • Provide both customers and technicians with live 2-way remote support.
  • Enables technicians to identify spare parts needed from the web based knowledge Bank
  • Technicians recommend whats needed from the field and the office provides the customer quotations.
  • Integrates with multiple 3rd party job management systems.

In the UK, one of the leading Commercial Kitchen service support companies have been using this successfully with their 150 technicians throughout multiple National Pub and Restaurant chains.

This is not a simple photo/video capture from your phone. Its an entire job allocation and works completion system.