The constant challenge for Local HVAC contractors is maintaining a balance of getting new sales leads and servicing those regular clients who provide a steady flow of new opportunities for installing HVAC equipment.

Traditionally HVAC Businesses are managed by owners that have traditionally been “hands-on” and therefore have little or no experience in marketing HVAC services locally or nationally.

For smaller HVAC contractors who operate in a local region/area, there is always competition and if you are sub-contracting it only takes one or two mistakes for the main contractors to switch their allegiance to someone else.

Marketing Your New HVAC Website – after its been built

You might want to think about marketing your new HVAC website after its been built. Many Businesses don’t do any form of Web Marketing and expect new enquiries to flood in because they have got a new website! However the opposite is actually true. If you do nothing, eventually it will just die on the vine, and the website will drop down the Google rankings and end up on page 12 million and eight and therefore never get found!

Ideally you want the website to get as high as possible in the Google page position (rankings) for what your Ideal target website visitors want and are searching for. Probably the most important thing is to try and think like a customer and what they might be searching for – i.e. keyword search phrases.



The No1 Factor That Will Help Your Web Content Rank in Google

A common mistake made by HVAC companies is making the home page the focus. Instead of optimising the home page for 10 or 20 keywords, you’ll get much better results creating 10 or 20 pages specifically devoted to your primary services. Here are some examples which might include:

  • Residential HVAC services in (Town, City, County)
  • Commercial HVAC services in (Town, City, County)
  • Air conditioning installation and service in (Town, City, County)
  • Air Conditioning Repairs in (Town, City, County)
  • Heating & Hot Water Repairs in (Town, City, County)
  • Emergency HVAC service in (Town, City, County)
  • Air Quality Improvement services in (Town, City, County)
  • Ventilation supply and installation in (Town, City, County)

It will need professional keyword research to identify the best keywords that represent the best opportunities for search engine page positions. Factors to consider are keyword volume, competitiveness, and relevance. But once the keyword targets are identified, having web pages devoted strictly to them (and related keywords) tells Google your unique page is highly relevant to the person searching for those keywords rather than a one-size-fits-all home page would suggest.

When we build a new website we try to build in to each page the keywords/phrases into each page but after a while other websites publish new pages, articles, case studies, testimonials and News articles/content from your competitors which will overtake your web position and you will just continue to drop, unless you do the same as them. But don’t take my word from it.

Rather than me re-writing an article about this, there are some excellent resources online that explain in laymans terms what you need to do. Therefore I’m enclosing some resources to help you to understand what Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is and why you should be doing it.

This article by ACHR News is useful and points to 5 simple ways that you can improve your SEO

This article by a US HVAC SEO company shows the types of keywords people in the US are using and many of those apply to Commercial HVAC in the UK too. Actual UK searches can be undertaken easily with Googles Keywords tool.

Finally this highly relevant HVAC SEO article is well written and detailed and explains in reality what needs to be done and the ROI you can expect and by when.

DIY SEO is not for everyone and its one of the services we provide for our clients.

You need to have a plan in place that turns your website into one of the prime lead generation systems for your Business, and we can help you with that.