Covid-19 Airborne Super Spreaders

Now that the WHO have finally admitted that Covid-19 can be transmitted via Airborne aerosol transmission, the problem now is that Covid-19 can spread through the air in enclosed spaces.

A number of scientists have, therefore, pointed out that building ventilation systems will be crucial in limiting Covid-19 Airborne super spreaders in enclosed environments that could spark a second wave of the pandemic.

The WHO’s Technical Lead for Infection Prevention and Control – Benedetta Allegranzi, said that there is evidence emerging of airborne transmission of the coronavirus in “crowded, closed, poorly ventilated settings”


Fortunately The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) said they supported the position taken by many indoor air quality (IAQ) experts that facilities managers should be revisiting their ventilation strategies to minimise possible transmission risks as more buildings reopen following the lockdown period.

Nathan Wood, Chair of BESA’s Health & Wellbeing in Buildings Group said: “We have been arguing since the early days of the pandemic that ventilation can play a crucial role in reducing the threat of virus transmission.” He added: “We should also consider the wider deployment of air purification technologies, which are now being used more regularly in healthcare settings.”

Obviously we know that many building occupants still feel anxious about returning to work safely and our article about Safe Building Reoccupation demonstrates this.

As time has moved on its difficult to see who is doing what and whether anyone is installing either UV-C lamps into their AHu’s or Ductwork or whether they are using Duct Mounted or Portable and local Air Purifiers, but there are only very few Businesses have had their systems verified to specifically kill Covid-19.

There are some specific recommendations that can be seen from this article in FMJ 

We work with the 2 known companies that offer complete Duct Mounted, Portable and Local Area Air Purification systems tested and proven to kill multiple Viruses (Inc Covid-19, Sars, Mers) plus Influenza, E-Coli, Norovirus, MRSA, Bird Flu etc.

Additionally available are duct mounted UV-C lamps which have been previously tested against multiple Airborne pathogens – although not yet proven on Covid-19.

Both the systems we propose do not need any changes to Fans/Motors/Filters or modifications to Ventilation supply regimes, and are affordable.

Finally we also have available our IoT Indoor Air Quality monitoring system, which provides live data on any occupied space. inc Humidity, CO2, CO, VOC’s, TVOC, SPL and Lumens.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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