Joining Iot with Remote Diagnostics

IoT has revolutionised the ability for key items of Mechanical and Electrical equipment to let stakeholders know whenever things aren’t “feeling well” and new sensor technology continues to do that especially with new IAQ and occupancy sensors. What has changed though especially in the pandemic is the shift to predictive maintenance, and now the ability of joining IoT with Remote Diagnostics.

Customers (without remote monitoring) often don’t feel comfortable with engineers visiting site unless absolutely necessary and usually that means only when something has failed. The standard PPM contract lays out what happens in the event of a failure and of course what will be charged.

Predictive maintenance is predicting when something is going to fail, and ideally fixing it before it fails, however until now that has been difficult to achieve. The IoT remote monitoring element has changed that, meaning that alerts of an imminent failure can be sent to the stakeholder.

It still means that an engineer will have to arrive on site and then figure out what is wrong and then tell his office whats needed, get them to submit a quote and then if accepted probably return to site with any spare parts that may be needed.

By joining IoT with Remote diagnostics, means that proactive contractors can use the latest generation of our field technicians software to remotely connect with the site via the customers mobile phone.

Once connected the contractor asks the customer to go to where the issue is and through the remote connection view, zoom in, record, annotate and diagnose the issue. The contractor can identify any parts that may be required and then let the customer know what will be required to fix the problem before setting a foot on site.

This cuts down any need for a second visit and means that a failure can be avoided completely. The customer also saves money by paying for the second visit and saves money on an even more expensive repair to fix something after it has failed.

Joining IoT with remote diagnostics is just one of the ways that technology is developing and improving contractor efficiencies. The EnviroLogik IoT remote monitoring system demonstrates the ability to offer a low cost IoT system which can be fitted to any item of MEP equipment and does provide instant alerts to problems and by connecting it with the XoI technicians live 2-way field reporting system makes it even more powerful for contractors and customers alike.

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