Why Internet Marketing for Contractors is important for M&E, HVAC, Refrigeration and all other Construction or Maintenance businesses.

It doesn’t matter what type of Business you are – Commercial or Home Service Contractor, the principles and importance are the same.

In this post we will walk you through the process and the importance of getting your business a map listing – and why you must get one, – optimising your website from an SEO viewpoint and then explain:

• How the search engines work Pay (Per Click (PPC) vs. a map listing vs. an organic position) and what you need to do to optimise each for maximum return for your business.

• How the map listings work & how to get your company listed on the map.

• As an example we show how our search engine optimisation strategy works for plumbing contractors – that can easily be replicated if you are a different trade contractor.

• The 43 most frequently searched plumbing keywords. This alone is invaluable for you if you are a plumbing contractor, however it will work equally as well if you are another type of trade contractor.

• The most important on-line directories that you MUST be listed in.

• Our social media strategy that we have developed specifically for the plumbing industry – which we have replicated for other contractors.


Most contractors already understand that the Internet & search engines are VITALLY important to the long term growth and sustainability of their business but sometimes those who are less ask “Why are search engines and search engine marketing so important to the Contracting Industry?”

Yellow Pages Are No Longer Effective

It used to be that the No 1 place consumers looked when they needed a plumbing contractor that was the Yellow Pages. In today’s market, hardly anyone looks in the printed Yellow Pages – which co-incidentally is now tiny in size. In fact the new generation has not even seen the Yellow Pages and only know the Internet as a way to search for local businesses.

Where do they go now?

They look on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing & others), social media sites (Facebook & Twitter) and they ask for referrals from their friends and family.

The searcher types what they are looking for

Google Local

You get found on this page here

• A recent survey of 2,000 consumers found that 86 percent of those surveyed used the Internet to find a local business.

• 74 percent of the respondents said they use a search engine when they are looking for a local retail or service business.

Search Engine Logos

If you’re not showing up on page one of Google, Yahoo & Bing for the plumbing related keywords in your town/city/regional area, then you are missing a major opportunity! This guide will show you how you can show up in as many local plumbing related searches in your area as possible.

Over the past ten years the way the search engines work has changed significantly, especially with the introduction of Google map listings (aka Google Places) to the search results for local search. Many plumbers and other contractors we talk with are confused
about how the search engines work and the differences between the map listings, organic listings & the paid / Pay-Per-Click listings.

If you can understand how each of the components works, you can formulate a strategy to maximise the results of each one.
There are 3 main components of the search engines results page:

1. Paid / PPC Listings
2. Map Listings
3. Organic Listings

1. Paid / PPC Listings

In the paid section (top and right-hand side) of the search engines you are able to select the keywords that are relevant to you and you’re business and then you pay to be listed in this area. The reason it is referred to PPC or Pay-Per-Click is because rather than paying a a fee for a placement, you simply pay each time someone clicks on you’re link to your website or landing page i.e. Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click system is based on bidding and the company that bids the highest amount per click gets the best PPC placement. PPC is still a good way to market your business on-line, however it should only be thought of as a short term marketing solution.

PPC can be expensive and you can spend your budget quickly too, with some keywords costing as much as £30.00 per click in the Plumbing industry alone.

2. Map Listings

The map listings have become very important because it’s one the first thing that appear in the search results for locally based searches. If someone searches “Plumber + your city” chances are the map listings will be the first thing they look at. Unlike the paid section of the search engine, you can’t buy your way into the map listings you have to earn it, and once you do, there is no per click cost associated with being in this section of the search engine.

Search Engine Options

3. Organic Listings

The organic / natural section of the search engine results page appears directly
beneath the map listings in many local searches, but appears directly beneath the
paid listings in the absence of the map listings (the map section only shows up in
specific local searches). Similar to the map listings, you can’t pay your way into this
section of the search engines and there is no per click cost associated with it.

Now that we have given you an understanding of the 3 major components of the search engine results and the differences between paid listings, map listings & organic listings, you might
wonder… “What section is most important?” This is a question that we receive from contractors every day.

We will share our search engine optimisation strategy with you in a later blog post so please check back later.

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