Are Pubs, Restaurants, Cafe’s, Workplaces to blame for increases in Covid Transmissions?

With another Lockdown, many people are wondering what will come next after we come out of the other side of this and what can we do as a long lasting solution?

Clearly confidence will remain low for people looking to either go back to work, go back to their favourite pub/restaurant, and many people continue to ask the questions about what can be done to give people confidence to go back to familiar environments – especially for most of us who need social interaction with others. 

Business operators often turn to their M&E or FM contractors for advice and recommendations as to the best systems available. With a whole myriad of alternative systems designed to fit into AHU’s or Ducted units, unfortunately there are now very long 12 week + lead times, which is putting Contractors off when looking to recommend the best solutions available.

Contractors are now Installing UV-C in Split Systems & VRF Indoor Units

A new system from Blue Science – (2 years in development in Korea), are special UV-C kits that fit inside the indoor units of Split System & VRF Indoor Units which recycle existing room air. By passing the returned room air over special  UV-C LED strips mounted on the indoor coil the virus is neutralised.

Andy Turner from contractor Cooling Service says “Once you understand the best place to fit the kits and have got a couple under your belt the rest is pretty easy. It gives people the confidence that their existing systems can be retrofitted and with the messaging and signs that come with the kits the Businesses can show their occupants what they have done” This helps give them confidence.


The system is made up of 2 different kits. A Standard kit for std wall mounts and an extension Pro-Kit which can then be used on other Split & VRF indoor units – such as ducted. Std Retail pricing is £150 + VAT for the Std Kit and £135 + VAT for the Pro extension kit for larger systems. Trade Pricing is available upon request.

A separate installation service through trained contractors is available for End-Users and Occupiers.  Special volume pricing is also available.  

Because of our training and knowledge in these systems, we are the only Manufacturer approved preferred supplier of these systems to M&E and FM Contractors, and provide a complete managed service, which includes preferential pricing, design application, training and support.

Once you have been in contact, we will register your details with the manufacturers so that you will receive the aforementioned special Pricing, Installation Training and support.

If you need us to come to visit a site with you that’s easy, and if you want us to carry out installations on your behalf then we can do that too. We can also train your existing specialist sub-contractors to carry out the installations.


We can’t stress enough the importance of training because of the use of UV-C lights which is potentially dangerous to users if not installed correctly. Training covers all different indoor types. You can see the recommended installation procedure for wall mounted air conditioning on this Video. A UV-C meter, Glasses and Gloves are a must because exposure to UV-C is very dangerous.

The units have been tested on all major brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, and LG etc. with different indoor units, and there are optimum locations for each.

The Manufacturers Video below shows the installation on a Std Wall mounted unit. Further Videos are being produced for different units.

N.B. It should be noted that only certain ceiling cassettes are suitable due to coil configuration and potential UV-C leaks. Please ask for further details.

To provide further confidence to occupants, through our relations with EnviroLogik we can recommend their IoT Indoor Air Quality monitoring system which monitors 7 different IAQ issues through a small ceiling or Wall mounted unit about the size of a smoke detector. Any issues it sends and alarm to key stakeholders so they can take immediate action. 

Want to get a quote for the Blue Science units? Simply email the details of the No and type of indoor units and your requirements and we will work out exactly what you need and return a quote to you.