Clearly there are many more Businesses who would consider looking at improving the indoor Air Quality in their workplaces if there were Incentives for Installation of Air Purification Systems.

In Tennessee in the US for instance the local energy provider are providing incentives to reduce Energy Consumption using UVGI systems, which are well known and are being used to kill Covid-19.

Although this article is heavily biased towards UV-C clearly there are other alternatives to consider

Increased interest in Air Purification will help all contractors selling these systems in the commercial market, which we acknowledge is an uphill battle. As they have stated on the TVA website, “If you are looking to keep your personnel healthier and promote a safer environment for your customers, UVGI can quickly help your businesses by minimizing the spread of COVID-19. You might say UVGI is like a germ-killing super-ninja that trained for years to kill COVID-19 and every other virus and bacteria that it comes in contact with.”

Hopefully what this will do is push those who maybe were on the fence about whether they wanted to add in the cost, over the edge. We believe it wont be long this where Air Purification systems become as commonplace in HVAC systems as filters. You wouldn’t consider not having Air Filters inside AHU’s. It won’t be long when we are at a point  where you wouldn’t buy a piece of HVAC equipment without a filter and without Air Purification.

We are already seeing AHU Manufacturers offering Air Purification as an optional extra, which is great for new Builds or retrofits, but there are thousands of existing AHU’s and/or ductwork where Air Purifiers can be retrofitted and that is where the biggest gains can be achieved – not just the energy savings but more importantly in giving Businesses and their Building Occupants the security in knowing the air that they and fellow occupants are breathe is clean and safe.

There are obviously financial Incentives offered by the more creative and proactive Contractors, but getting the Utility Companies and Government on board would make a huge difference to the uptake of these systems.

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