Not Interested

Want to know why 90% of Your Customers aren’t Interested in your HVAC Products/Services?

Sorry guys but its a fact of life and a well known stat in the M&E Marketing World. Yes its true 90% aren’t looking for your fantastic M&E, HVAC Products or FM services!

You’ve probably read books and articles and been on courses where you’re encouraged to create a “killer” elevator pitch. Or an amazing USP.

They’re all about selling yourself. Making it clear why you’re a better choice to work with than the other Businesses they’re considering. 

That’s great when your Ideal client is actually considering who to work with. But for 90% or more of the time, they’re not! – Fact.

Most of the time M&E Businesses aren’t looking for a new supplier. Their ears don’t prick up when they hear yet another Contractor who claims to be the best, sell the best, do the best work, have the best warranties etc. But (if your going to make those claims then you really must BE THE BEST and stand out from the Competition. 

So what are they interested in 90% of the time? One thing for sure is they definitely don’t click through to your Business if they see yet another an advert promoting an M&E, HVAC or FM Maintenance business. Standing out in an Ocean of sameness is constant challenge in the HVAC industry. When it comes to marketing, it’s the same story, ad after ad. To your Customers it all looks and sounds like just more and more sameness!

That’s why we all use Ad Blockers. We don’t want irrelevant stuff distracting us from our daily lives. As the Title of the article says I’m not interested in ……….!

Those ads are only of interest at the latter stages of their buying journey when they’re in final decision mode. Most of the time they’re not in that mode or frame of mind. They’re only vaguely aware of a problem they have. Or they’re in the early stages of exploring it and figuring out what to do.

Trying to convince people that you’re the right solution is way too premature when they haven’t even figured out what kind of problem they have yet.

It’s not that your message is bad or wrong. It’s just that they’re not interested in it at all.

So what are they interested in 90% of the time? What do they notice and pay attention to when they’re ploughing through Social Media posts, reading a trade magazine or watching a video presentation?

New and Innovative Ideas. Most Business owners are open to, and often on the lookout for practical ideas, tips and advice that can improve their business or life. There’s probably a good chance that they’ve clicked on a link or an Ad in Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. But i’d bet it wasn’t because they were wondering why one potential supplier is better than another. 

More likely they clicked on a link to see a useful tip or idea they thought might be helpful and interesting. If you start your relationship with them by sharing valuable ideas and you keep on doing it, they’ll pick up all that stuff about why you’re different and better.

Sell your ideas, and your ideas will sell you.

It will change the way you sell and the results you get. However just churning out content in the hope people will like it is not the right way.

It has to be a very specific approach and very specific type of content that is pertinent, relevant and useful. It’s not a matter of just “sharing any old good stuff” and expecting clients to come flocking to your door. That just doesn’t work. I’ll give my business to the people I think will do the best job for me. Like everyone else, I look at WIIFM (Whats In It For Me)

All well and good, however just getting content from someone isn’t going to make me raise a purchase order. I’m not going to blindly give them my business just because they’ve shared some useful information with me.

To get your ideas to sell for you, then you need to be very specific about which M&E HVAC ideas and content you use. You need to make sure that they’re both valuable and influence the buying decisions of your potential clients in your favour. In other words they have to resonate with whom you are trying to reach. Plus they have to be Regular and Consistent. Just sharing something once won’t work. You’l probably need to send out 6-10 pieces over several weeks.

What kind of ideas work to influence buying decisions?

Ultimately, the factors that influence your specific client’s decision-making are unique to your Business, your’e M&E specialism i.e. Lifts & Escalators or Chillers. So if you sit down with a pen and paper and focus on the clients you know best, you can come up with a shortlist of things they need to “know and feel” to be ready to work with you.

For example, if knowing that you had relevant and Sector specific M&E industry experience or sold a particular piece of Mechanical or Electrical equipment was a critical decision-making factor for your clients then you’d want to make sure that some of the ideas you shared were rich with those particular insights.

However whatever you do, there are Three Factors you need to make sure your biggest, most prominent ideas meet.

The First one goes without saying, your Ideas and useful articles need to be valuable to your ideal clients. i.e. What am I going to benefit from this reading this? And that needs to be obvious immediately.

It’s what’s going to get them to pay attention when you speak, write or otherwise share your ideas.

Secondly, your articles, content and ideas need to be Unique to you and Your Business.

There is way too much rehashing on the web of the same old stuff your clients have already seen time and time again. Also If your ideas look like the same ones that your competitors are sharing too – why would a potential client favour you instead of them?

It doesn’t matter how Brilliant or valuable you think your ideas are, if they aren’t unique then they won’t influence your clients to hire you. Your ideas don’t necessarily have to be unique to the world. They just have to be unique in the eyes of your ideal client. As we have said many times before, they have to stand out from the other things they see and hear (eg from your competitors). That’s should be a little bit easier to do.

So, for example, you could take an emerging idea from say the Rail Sector or Industrial sector and then combine those multiple ideas from those other fields into your own.

The Third Factor is that your ideas need to be disruptive to the norm.

If your ideas are just some minor improvements on what your clients are already doing then they’ll nod their heads in agreement with you, but they won’t hire you.

Pro Tip – When I tell my clients about them joining certain LinkedIn Groups and that when they post their blogs into one of those Groups, they are amazed that the messages go out to all the Group members, and that usually several thousand. What a great way of getting exposure for your Business to where your clients “Hang out” on-line. 

So out of all the ideas swirling around online and in your head and all the information you could share with potential clients, focus on the ones that are the most:

  • Valuable to your clients
  • Unique and different to everything else they’re hearing
  • Disruptive and challenging to their status quo

By sharing those ideas, rather than just adding to the ton of regurgitated “Blah blah blah” content out there in the world, you’ll be doing your clients a great service, and you’ll be influencing them so that they’re much more likely to hire you.

We do this as a service for all our clients and we always focus on where your ideal clients hang-out and what interests them the most. We then measure it to see what has the most impact.  Want this for your Business? Let us quote you you can call one of our Consultants on 0800 009 6349 or you can email