Ideas for Web Video


We aren’t alone when it comes to beating the drum about using web videos in their Businesses, but in the HVAC and FM world they seem few and far between, and thats often because many Businesses struggle to decide what to produce a video about and the (false perception) of high Costs involved. Our Page about Marketing Videos For Business explains the process further.

Just like many people get writers block, many HVAC or FM Businesses people also get stuck about what type of videos to use on their website and How to tell your target customers that your great new Videos exist and are useful to them. 

Most people have possibly one or two video ideas – such as explaining a new HVAC, or FM Product or Service, but in an age where we prefer to consume video rather than read lots of text, there are tons of other ways that you can create some web videos. They need to be short and sweet and get straight to the heart of the matter. Ideally less than 60 seconds. – You’ll be amazed at what you can explain in that time.

So we have created some ideas for web videos that you can easily film yourself (using your Smartphone) or Digital Camera and without expensive equipment. However as an example of different types, this US Contractor shows just some of the types they have created.

1. Answering Common FAQ’s

Think of some typical questions that your Customers always ask. Why not ask your team – especially the ones that answer Sales calls and your technicians for the regular questions they are always being asked. Why not answer those questions on camera. If nothing else, if you are the Boss, a Sales Person or Marketer and you are comfortable in front of the camera, why not make a video selfie and answer those questions yourself?

2. Make a Video of Your Web Site Text

If you have a substantial amount of text copy on your website, why not provide a cut down video recording of it? It could be a voice over explaining some still images. It could be nothing more than a talking head. Put the video at the beginning of the text and give your web visitors a choice to watch the video or read the text. There are plenty of Businesses that choose to do this already now, so it is worth taking note that people prefer to watch a short video rather than consume loads of text, which can often put people off.

3. Recruiting Technical Staff

Video can be a powerful resource that you use when recruiting technical people and especially those technicians that are so vital to delivering quality at the coal face. Make a video (with a couple of existing technicians) about the benefits they enjoy of working for your company. You could continue that with another about their typical working day in the life of your technicians. You could enhance that further by explaining your company values. 

4. Product/Service Tours

Use video to give either a Product or Service tour. i.e. Make a tour of the Commercial HVAC system where you travel from the Chillers/VRF system, the Boilers, Pumps, Air handling unit and the ductwork distribution system. Show the complexity of the system and the critical items that regularly need servicing. Show what happens when you attend a repair of an item that has failed on a new site you have just taken on.

Provide a tour around the inside of one of your service vehicles, highlighting all of the parts and materials that’s part of your technicians vehicle stock, as well as the tools an HVAC technician needs, sending a subtle message that this type of work is skilled and is not to be taken lightly. Offer a tour of your offices and workshop.

5. Customer Testimonials

These are vitally important to any HVAC or FM Business, but often the hardest ones to get. Mainly because people and customers don’t like or want to be in front of a camera. However when customers are particularly happy following an installation or repair, then that is the right time ask if they wouldn’t mind explaining their satisfaction on video. Testimonials are important. Video testimonials are even better especially if they come from your Customer.

6. Differentiation from Competitors.

If you know your HVAC or FM Business is different from the competition, then make a list of what they are. Make a video explaining those differentiators and how they can benefit your Customers. In a crowded marketplace where everyone is offering the same FM or HVAC service, you need to stand out from your competitors by differentiating your business.

It could be as simple as a video of a technician checking in to the sites FM team while you explain why you consider that important. Or if you believe you respond faster to call-outs and provide your technicians with full site information because of your CAFM system, you could make video about exactly what information your technician receives in advance of arriving on site and therefore how fast your team responds.

7. How To Videos

Create a video showing how a Commercial Building can replace their ageing rooftop AHU’s or Chillers. Make another video explaining how to replace a Pump seal, or install a Split system. Make a video explaining how to select your HVAC contractor. The choice of How to Videos is endless.

8. How your HVAC Products Work

Explain how your Chillers or air conditioners work. Explain how different types of heat pumps work and provide heat. Explain how temperatures vary on an office floor and maybe if you want to inject some humour – why Women feel temperature differences differently from Men?

9. What’s Involved

Make videos explaining what’s involved in the type of work you do. i.e. Explain what’s involved in an HVAC or A/C system design, equipment replacement or upgrade, an installation, maintenance, repair, etc.

10. Before/After Case Studies

Videos are also great to show before and after shots from your Installations and repairs. Include replacements of Chillers, Boilers, Specialist Lifting/handling Fan Upgrades on air handlers as well as condenser fans. The reasons why they are being replaced/upgraded, the Energy Savings achieved, Paybacks etc.


These are just some starter ideas. Involve a Video Production team as they will have some great ideas and what will work best visually, they can also edit your footage, add a soundtrack, voice overs and even actors. It’s not always easy, but try and get creative. Come up with your own unique viewpoints. Most of all, get started. You can improve your videos with practice, but you have to get started somewhere, just don’t make them look amateurish. Share them on your website, on a YouTube channel, on Facebook, and by email.

Finally if you really get stuck this Link will give you some more ideas to inspire those grey cells.