How To Get PR For Small HVAC Businesses


Wouldn’t it be great if your Small or Micro Business could get regular quality PR exposure in the key Building Services, M&E, HVAC and FM Publications? This article is all about how to get PR for small HVAC Businesses as its these businesses that often struggle and don’t have big Marketing budgets.

However the reality is it takes some serious dedication and time to craft a regular series of articles that will garner the interest of not only your ideal clients but also the journalists and editors of these magazines. We have written an article before about why the Big Brands always get the most PR

Don’t write Self-Promoting articles

PR is a great way of raising your Brands profile and can be very costs effective, but writing one self-promoting article about your latest contract win isn’t going to get the interest of the publications. If you are going to include PR as part of your Business Development then you have do do it the right way.

This Business Advice article show 5-ways that Small and Micro Businesses can do PR and the issues that have to be considered before your articles will get any kind of PR exposure.

Fake Guarantees

What is particularly relevant is that many Businesses make the mistake of employing an agency that simply recycles and regurgitate old articles and promise you that your articles will be published are simply lying to you. There is never a guarantee of publication as thats outside of their control. Understanding what is newsworthy is the key to the success.

Mix it Up

Don’t restrict your PR efforts on its own. You can benefit from SEO when you include this as part of your overall marketing. If you mix it up with Social Media as well as asking customers on their opinion about your piece can often start a great discussion, especially if it challenges the norm.

PR for Building Service Business can be really effective for small businesses if its done properly. Of course you could outsource it to us, after all its part of our DNA. 01252 413596