How Important Is SEO To Your Business?

How Important Is SEO To Your Business?

This is an updated article that we originally published in February 2018 as we wanted to explain more about SEO and reach a wider audience. In addition there are some changes that affect local M&E/HVAC and FM Businesses.

So before diving in, firstly you need to understand where your website stands in the Google rankings (the position of your website when undertaking a basic search for your services). As you probably know already Local Businesses want local results to be displayed, and if you don’t appear on the first or second page of the search results then you are going to struggle to get enquiries from Businesses looking for your services. Try it yourself. Look up ……services followed by the name of your town/city.

If you want to understand if there are any technical issues with your website, why not carry out a simple free audit on your website to see whats wrong by entering your website details by clicking the link below.

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There is an argument that says SEO isn’t important for many Businesses. Let me explain before I get the SEO police all over me! So ask yourself How important is SEO to your Business? What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation to your Business type?

The first argument says SEO is important for Businesses only when someone has an immediate problem and is looking for Businesses to help them out. i.e. When someone needs an Emergency Plumber, Electrician, Roofer etc. Then is when your customers needs Local SEO services. i.e. Emergency Plumber Warrington.

Continuing in the same vein. SEO is also important to Manufacturers and Distributors in highly competitive Businesses. i.e. If you are a Commercial Boiler manufacturer with several different Products, then you will know that getting your products found by your Ideal clients is highly competitive. However your clients will most likely be specifiers and M&E Contractors who are tendering Commercial Projects.

SEO for them is going to be important, when those searching for Commercial Boilers are in either the research stage, or area ready to get a price or place and order.

So is there a situation when SEO isn’t important?

We recently met an HVAC Contractor that operated from 4 offices throughout 3 counties in the South West. They are Daikin D1 + and Mitsubishi partners and their clients were fit-out contractors and Main M&E Contractors.

There are plenty of M&E Businesses who say that they are happy to have a website that showcases their Business like an online brochure. They don’t use it as a tool to get new enquiries, they just want to show their customers that they exist, and that their customers can “check them out”. In other words to find out the type of work they do, who they do it for and where they do it, and to see their Reviews, Testimonials and accreditations.

These businesses rely on their ongoing relationships with their clients for a regular flow of work, and said they were happy with the level of Business they were getting and any new Business came from word of mouth. They said having a high position in Google wasn’t important to them as long as they could be found online. Who could argue with that?

Too Much Reliance on the website to get new Sales

Many HVAC Business hope that their website will bring them a steady stream of new Businesses, but the truth is there just aren’t enough people looking for people to install, maintain or repair their M&E products/services in their local area.

We see tons of companies spending a load of money trying to get their website onto Page 1, but even if they do make it, it still isn’t making the phone ring! Don’t believe me? Just check out the number of monthly searches for your product/services using this free tool

Being utterly blunt, the only way local M&E Businesses are going to survive is by networking with other Businesses that can provide them with a steady stream of new and regular work. i.e. Fit-Out Contractors, Shop Fitters, FM Contractors, Main M&E Contractors, and other non-competing Contractors. That may mean changing their Business model into that of a specialist (design, supply, installation sub-contractor) and probably having to work outside of their preferred area.

Your Business Type

Some M&E Businesses are set-up as a pure Maintenance operation. They only carry out specialist M&E, or HVAC servicing, and therefore it makes sense for them to carry out some form of SEO, so that Building Occupiers, Tenants or Main FM contractors can find their Businesses. You might be lucky enough so that you work direct for a Business that has multiple locations – like a chain of shops. Is there enough work for them locally? Probably not unless you only work in a large City.

Others are completely reliant on new installations. Are there enough opportunities for you to install new systems? Are some of these projects too complex to price and take up lots of time only to find that you are regularly losing out to others?

Both of the scenarios show that having a trustworthy relationship with those Businesses that can provide you with an easier path to regular work is vital. SEO won’t make a blind bit of difference.

SEO is Vital for Home Services.

There are however certain Business where SEO and where Customer Reviews and recommendations are vital, and those are the Home Service providers. The Electricians, Plumbing & Heating, Roofers and Landscapers etc. You only have to conduct a local search to see how many of those trades there are. The ones that regularly get good reviews are the ones that appear at he the top of the searches. Typically those reviews come 3rd party sites like, Checkatrade, Yell, Rated people and of course via Google + etc. Plus those who have obtained more from Facebook, Twitter etc. The more good reviews that the search engines see the higher the search position.

Just as important is carrying out Social Media marketing. However Most contractors do NOT know how LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ can help grow their business.

If you use social media properly, you get word-of-mouth recommendations to a new level, as the average Facebook user has a 135 friends and fans. If you can get your satisfied customers to like you on Facebook, now you have exposed your name and brand to 135 of their friends, usually within a similar geographic area where they live. It’s a bit like they immediately give you a recommendation to their friends. Especially if you did a good job.

How do you get these relationships – if you haven’t already got them?

You have to identify where you are most likely to get those Connections in the first place. i.e. on LinkedIn and more specifically you should join LinkedIn Groups where your Ideal customers are hanging-out. However before any of that you will most likely have to improve your own LinkedIn Business profile and once thats done then you will have to regularly participate in online Group discussions, provide support and advice to other members and therefore demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

You should check out your Competition and see who their customers are. You should connect and network with other (non-competing) Businesses who are already selling to your Ideal customers. They can probably help you to get connected. Typically Fire Alarm, Lift Co’s, UPS suppliers etc.

You will have to write at least 2 articles/month and add these to your website usually based on topical issues. After they have been written, then they need to be shared onto your social media accounts. Why? This raises your profile. Be aware this is not an overnight process and will unlikely get you instant results. It’s a slow burn but it is proven to work.

If you haven’t got one, already then you need a Database of your ideal  clients, ideally one with email addresses. You may have to buy that data. (Be mindful of the new rules concerning GDPR) You should then create and send out regular promotional offer Email blasts to that Database.


So back to the original question. How Important Is SEO To Your Business? Take note of whats being said before spending unnecessary money.

All this may seem rather daunting, however you can do this yourself once you have got your mindset right. For many though its a step too far. If you prefer to outsource it then our team is available.

This article was written by Chris Gunn a veteran Senior Level Building Services,M&E, & HVAC Sales & Marketing specialist. You can contact him on 01252 413596 or by email