How do you fit it all In


Running An HVAC Business? How Do You Fit It All In?

It will come as no surprise that many Business owners find it difficult Spinning Plates, Keeping All The Balls in The Air, Wearing all the Hats – Whatever you want to call it, you have to fit all those Mundane but necessary activities underway. The problem is you have probably had to learn the hard way.

After all who teaches you about Business Finance, Project Management, Organising Materials, Organising the Technicians, Meeting clients Deadlines, Health & Safety, Paying the Bills, Legal Requirements, Getting Accreditations, Pricing jobs, Sales & Marketing Etc. Etc?

The chances are that when you started out you probably tried to do most of that yourself, and probably failed at many because you didn’t have the time, skills or knowledge to do them.

Outsource or Hire In?

Its now commonplace to outsource many of those tasks to people who have the experience and knowledge to do those tasks for you, and you should have those listed in Priority Order. But for some reason Business Development always appears someway down the list and often just gets left completely or its done piecemeal whenever you have a spare hour. Often more important things come along and steal that time!

Successful Building Services/HVAC Businesses are always letting us know (on LinkedIn, Twitter etc) about their New Contract wins (Isn’t it always the same ones too?)  Gaining New Business must be much higher up your list if you want to be able to hire someone in or to outsource those tasks where you don’t/can’t do it yourself.

It makes no difference whether you need an Accountant, Project Manager, Marketing or Health & Safety expert. Getting your House in order first and bring a steady flow of new Quote/Tender opportunities pays the bills. Without getting and winning new work first you will always struggle to get those other important tasks completed.

It’s a bit of the chicken and egg scenario. You can’t have one without the other.

Learn Business Development/Marketing Yourself.

Some HVAC Business owners like to have a more ‘Hand-On’ approach and even if they employ Business Developers or Marketing specialists need to be able to direct the team and understand the latest Marketing Tools for their team to employ. They also need to explain to any outsourced Marketing or PR agency what the needs of their business are.

There are only a handful of specialist M&E, HVAC or Building Services Marketing agencies who understand and work within this niche, so being able to impart the needs of your particular businesses by explaining how i.e. A new website should work and what promotional tools can be developed to ensure that their Companies products/services can be found by their prospective customers.

Don’t leave it to chance, get a steady flow of new opportunities and gain valuable exposure to your Ideal Clients through highly focussed PR and Marketing Campaigns.

Chris Gunn is a 35 year veteran of Sales & Marketing in the UK Building Services, M&E and HVAC markets, having worked for both Manufacturers, Distributors and Contractors, he now runs his own niche Digital Marketing agency