retargeting how do they know?


Have you ever found that after visiting a website – and then subsequently leaving a while afterwards that you then keep seeing adverts elsewhere on the web? How do they know that?

I was recently doing some research for a possible family Holiday location in 2017. Whilst visiting several different websites I narrowed down my search and bookmarked some suitable websites for a revisit at another time.

After a while I was then searching for something completely different and found myself seeing a regular identical advert for the Holiday venue and the website that I had visited across many different websites. What had happened was that I had been cleverly targeted by one of the companies that I had researched.

They had used a technology that is known as retargeting. They use what’s known as cookies – you will have seen that websites often request your permission to use cookies about your website visit. This then creates a list of people that visit their site by placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browser. This list allows retargeting vendors to display retargeting ads to you (as their potential customer) as you visit other websites.

To understand more about how this works this webpage from one of these retargeting companies explains it really well. It’s important to understand however that it doesn’t always work well for every kind of business, and ideally you need a lot of web site visitors to make it worthwhile for you. These could be e-commerce shopping cart style sites.

However they aren’t so effective for low volume visitors. So before you go leaping straight in make sure you check out your analytics to know how many visitors you are getting and then make a judgement from there.

Retargeting can be hugely beneficial especially if you are running a promotion on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Take a look at this infographic below that shows some of the reasons why you should be considering retargeting.

how do they know? retargeting stats


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