Have you “tuned out” from the usual “Noise” made in trade magazines and other online media? Why is that all the FM/M&E/HVAC news is dominated by the usual Multi-million pound suspects? All of the the on/off line trade mags regularly bleat on about – what some consider to be the usual boring run of the mill stuff – you know the type. – such and such major Global Business has won such and such contract …Yawn…!  It can be boring can’t it!

It’s because these mags rely on regular news coming through. If there isn’t anything particularly newsworthy or interesting, then they by default they fall back by relying on reporting new contract wins by the big businesses. To make matters worse these large M&E Businesses employ professionals to make life easy for the trade mags to publish their stories.

These professionals know how “tell the story” and they write it in a way that the magazine editor doesn’t even need to “top and tail” it. They make the news enticing for the reader and it helps to pad the magazine out. Furthermore the larger Businesses tend to spend some of their marketing budget on advertising in these magazines or on sponsorship at things like awards ceremonies, which means they get more editorial exposure in return.

Why is it we never hear from the successes of the smaller specialist M&E Businesses?  Well that’s probably because most small M&E Businesses don’t know how to go about making a noise for themselves, and even if they did happen to get into those “hallowed pages” of the trade magazines the chances are the story will be buried and won’t get noticed. 

However If the story was about such and such new small start-up Lift Contractor & son from Grimsby (no offence) winning a new National maintenance Contract for Hilton Hotels then there is a good chance you will get noticed, but only (by making a noise about it) 

If however it’s about new start-up ABC Plumbing & Heating winning a small Contract in “Little Town” Northamptonshire that generates 4 jobs then that makes the whole story far more local and relative to the local economy.

So what’s the answer if you want to get your great M&E Businesses noticed regularly? You have to think along the lines of how the newspapers tell their stories. This example below shows how to get the attention of the reader. A great headline and an image. It captures the attention and it will do so for your target magazine editor.

Newspaper Headline Example















There are tons of examples of where many M&E Businesses just regularly get it wrong and then wonder why their articles just don’t get published. They simply write about how great they are, their great product etc. none of which resonates with the reader as it’s just all about their company and their products.

You have to connect the product/service to an actual case study or explain how/why your product/service was used and the resulting outcome. The resulting story becomes far more interesting. This article in Inc magazine expands on this further.

One other thought is to “Pick a fight” you can win. I.E. If you happen to be a local A/C contractor in Ballymena Co Down, then telling people about the fact you supply/install VRF in FMJ magazine is unlikely to be published. However if you tell your story in Local Northern Ireland newspapers or Regional M&E publications and you show how you have completed the installation of a new unique type of heat pump into a local school in Ballymena that is super efficient and has produced X % of savings by reducing the load on the Heating and Hot Water system then that is far more likely to get read.

Finally writing a single article will get you very little impact. Your story might make an initial impression, but it will soon fade away again if you don’t regularly submit something of interest. Writing quality PR isn’t for everyone, so consider getting your stories created professionally and submitted at least once a month across a variety of specialist publications.