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How is it that some Contractors get listed on Google Maps and you don’t?

It’s a common question. How can I get my Local Contracting Business on Google Maps? You probably know that Google uses it’s Maps product to display some Local results closest to where you are as well as the paid and organic results.

You have probably also noticed that if you do a local Internet Search of one of your Business Products or Services that some of your competitors appear on the Map listings but you don’t. Well there are a number of reasons but you have to get the basics right first. One of those key requirements is getting customer Reviews and then publishing those in places where they can be seen. We have written a post about this before called getting customer reviews

In this post, we are going to show you how to get your Contracting Business to show up on the Google Map listings.

This is Our Proven Step by Step Process for getting you Page One Rankings by getting you onto The Google Map Display listing.

Getting listed on the the first page of Google Maps for i.e. “Your Town + Air Conditioning Repairs or Your Town + Electrical Services” etc. comes down to your Business having these four major factors:

1. Having a claimed and verified Google Places listing.
2. Having an optimised Google My Business listing for the area(s) in which you state you work and provide your services.
3. Having a consistent N.A.P. (name, address, phone number profile) across directories and across other parts of the the web so that Google feels confident that you are legitimate Business that is located in the place you have listed and serving the market you say that you work in.
4. Having genuine reviews from your real customers in your service area.

Here’s what you need to do:

Login to your Google My Business Listing at 
Use the Username / Password that was used to claim your initial Google Places or Google+ Local Listing. If you don’t have a Google Business listing, you will need to get one using the link above. Want us to do it for you? Send an email

If this was done for you by your Service provider, then ask them for that information as it belongs to your Business.

On your active business page, click the “edit” button and review the information to ensure everything is correct and properly optimised.

I.E. Your exact Company Name must be showing correctly (without extra keywords other than the company name.) E.G. If your company is “Bob’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning” make sure it doesn’t say “Bobs Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Leicester.)

  • Make sure it’s a local phone number rather than a free phone number.
  • Review the categories available to ensure the correct Business category(s) applicable to your Business are selected.
  • Your hours of operation set correctly.
  • Upload as many quality, original photos as possible.
  • Connect your external resources such as:
    Google Analytics, YouTube Channel.
  • Start to focus on building up your LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and Facebook followers.
  • Start to push out regular updates on a consistent basis via Google My Business.
    Get listed and added to online directories.
  • You must get online reviews from your actual customers in your service area. 

There are also ways where you can get proper reviews from your customers using Google + and Facebook, as well as some really great ways of using some 3rd party systems, which allow you to get instant reviews by your technicians on completion of a job. Click here to request more info.

One of the best ways to get listed on Google maps listings is to get Google Reviews, and now there is a nice and simple way to ask your Customers to give them, as well as some great tips on the best ways to get those reviews. Just click here.

For Businesses that work in B2C then Facebook Reviews are very pertinent, and luckily there is also another simple process but you need to be mindful that Facebook is always changing so keep an eye out for any changes. You can follow the Review process on this link

Not everyone is comfortable with doing this and would prefer us to do it. Fire off a quick email and we will do it for you.