How To get Google No1 Local Ranking for M&E, HVAC or FM Services

Did you know that there are over 80,000 M&E, HVAC & FM Businesses in the UK?

That’s a lot of businesses. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re a local Fire Alarm Installer, or a Boiler Repair specialist. Whatever your Business does, this article will explain how you can be number 1 for your specialism in your town or area.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and types and we want to explain the simple steps to become the top ranking website for your local M&E, HVAC or FM Business in your town or area.

Step 1 – Get Local Listings

To do this we are talking about these two search engines Google My Business & Bing Places.

Firstly just sign up with them both, fill in all the details and then validate your account.

It’s completely free – making sure you fill in all the details correctly including – name, address, phone, hours of business, photo, even videos if you have them.

Step 2 – Start Getting Customer Reviews

Genuine Customer Reviews are really important, especially in Google. Let us prove it to you.

Check the local search results for your Business type in your town/area/county in Google. You’ll probably notice that below the ads the top sites that appear in the listings will be Map listings as these tend to have more reviews.

local search reviews

We carried out some research recently on local search results and the top ranking sites tended to have double the number of reviews than low ranking sites had. Have a look at this infographic.

Anatomy Of A Winning B2B Website - An Infographic from Pickaweb

How Do you Get Customer Reviews?

Ask them. It’s really that simple. Start with your best clients first. Don’t go mad at it. Just get into the habit of regularly asking for reviews. You could use a 3rd party system such as Trustpilot etc. But why pay for it when you can get them for free right?

Step 3 – Submit Your Business To Other Directory Websites That include Local Listings

There are tons of Local listing sites, including Yell118 and Thomson Local. These are tons more and these are known as authority websites in the eyes of search Engines & it helps them validate your data in their system.

Just pick the ones with a free listing. Continue to build up a regular submission profile of these on an ongoing basis.

Here’s a list of the best directory sites

Step 4 – Build More Service Specific Pages

Start by going to the services page on your website. On that page have you got a list of all your services?

Do you have an individual page for each service you offer? i.e. a separate page for each individual service?

If not you are going to have to create them. Why? Because Google wants to take people to the exact page that details the exact service they’re looking for. (First make sure those services are what they are searching for.) No point in making a page about something that nobody wants or is searching for.

All the top ranking local M&E, HVAC and FM sites have double the number of pages of low ranking sites.

Also those new pages need to be longer – at least 500 words.

If you’re a local Lift Services Contractor and someone calls and asks about your services, what would you do? Have a chat with them identify their issues, asks what impact its having and answer all their questions?

Or are you just pumping out the bland standard company patter and say something like:

“Welcome to our services. We offer a full range of lift services such as Lift repairs, Lift Maintenance, Lift Refurbishment.”

Pretty obvious isn’t it. You need to have what the Americans call a “Discovery” Call. i.e.Discover what their issues are

It’s well worth writing a page called FAQ’s or Frequently asked Questions. Then just write down all the questions you hear your customers ask every day & provide the answers to them – it’s not difficult when you think about it. Can you imagine how a customer would feel if you have helped them answer almost everything your customers always ask.

The next step is you need to optimise all your website pages to match them to what is being searched. Optimisation is just a technical way of saying to making your website pages Google friendly. I wouldn’t suggest you do this yourself. Get someone like your web developer or SEO specialist to do it for you.

We know that specialist M&E, HVAC and FM businesses (that have all the above basics) in place have a much better page ranking.

That means more website visitors, more customers & more money in the bank. The basics include making sure you have your Business type, service provided and location in the code and text of your website.

So if you’re a Electrical Wholesaler in Leicester make sure you have Electrical Wholesaler and Leicester in your website. Those terms need to be included in the Page Title, the Page Description, the page names (or URLs), the Headings and the text of your website.

Step 5 – Get Relevant Industry Backlinks

These are other websites from your particular M&E, HVAC or FM specialism that link to back to you.

Again, top ranking sites have links from more than double the number of other websites compared to low ranking ones. However these aren’t always easy to get.

Remember you’re a local business so don’t go nuts at it. Just build up a regular backlink building process consistently over time. Here are some ways you can do that:

Set up your social media profiles, but as your’e more likely a B2B operation, then you especially need to be on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and get a backlink from them.

  • No doubt that you’re a member of a professional trade body. i.e. Gas Safe, NICEIC, Refcom etc. Make sure you get listed there.
  • As above there will be an industry recognised training body that you’re regulated by. Get listed there
  • There are plenty of Specialist M&E related directories? Get listed in them
  • Check all your Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and other suppliers – do they have testimonial pages? Get listed in any they have.
  • Find out where your competitors have backlink listings & see if you can get listed there too.

Step 6 – Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

This is a priority. If your’s site doesn’t work on a mobile device then you need to get that fixed. Why? Because most people access the web via their mobile devices like phones and tablets, and guess what happens if they visit your website & they can’t read it on a mobile device? They’re gone.

To make this worse, Google knows if your site isn’t mobile friendly then guess what happens? They’ll drop you down their rankings. There are a couple of ways this can be fixed – your web developer should be able to help. One easy way is with a website designed using a technique called Responsive Design. This means your website will look good on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Step 7 – Set Up A Company Blog

Final Step. It’s a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and for your customers to trust in your ability to do a great job for them. It’s easy to set up and the search engines will rank you higher for adding fresh new content on a regular basis.

Also regular Blogging & posting on social media is a great way to stay in front of your local customers.

In Summary. That’s how you Get No1 Local Ranking for M&E, HVAC or FM Services in your town.

If you want help with getting any part of this implemented for your Local Business do’nt hesitate to get in touch. You can call free on 0800 009 6349 or the General Office switchboard on 01252 413596 or just drop us a quick email