How to Get More Email Subscribers: Effective Email Database Building Techniques


Have you ever tried building an Email Database? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult, because an email address is a vital part of that and it’s often the hardest to get. That means that once you get it, it’s a great connection with your potential clients, and one that you can use to build traffic again and again.

So, what do you do if people aren’t willing to part with their email address? Especially as you’re looking to start building an audience.

I had the same problem when I first started, but I found a few reliable techniques that regularly converted my visitors into email subscribers.

Here are 7 techniques to build your Email Database:

1: Use your Current Website Content to turn Visitors into Email Subscribers

Lead Magnets are used by professional marketers to get more subscribers to your blog, and this is why – th5ey’re the most reliable and proven technique you have to get people to sign-up. Basically they receive something for free from you in exchange for giving you their email address. It gives the visitor an incentive to subscribe to your Tips and advice.

They’re especially effective when you develop quality content specifically for email subscribers, but it’s also works when you use the web content you already have. From your web analytics find out what your top visited and shared article is or look at your competitors, and create something that explains more about that topic. If you can write well you can create a PDF or White Paper, or you might prefer creating a Video Series, even a Webinar around this subject.

Always use your best web content for creating lead magnets.

This is critical to the success of your Email Database. This content is often their first impression of you, and if its crap -then chances are the rest your other content will be crap too.

It might be worth getting a professional web copywriter to do this for you

You can read more about Lead Magnets here:

2: Ask for an Email Signup Opportunity in Every Place Possible

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect a conversion rate of around 2.35% for your Email Database. So, you’ll probably get around 2 email subscribers out of every 100 people that visit your website. So make sure you provide every opportunity for them to sign-up.

Here are all the locations you should think about placing a signup form:

  • In your sidebar
  • In a banner at the top of certain pages
  • At the end of your blog articles
  • In the middle of your blog article
  • On social media (link to a landing page, ideally with your lead magnet!)
  • In your footer
  • In your email signature

If you’re unsure what you’re supposed to be putting in there, you can find instructions for some of the Email providers here:

3: Write Guest Posts for Other Sites in M&E and Construction.

You might be thinking why would I help a competitor? It’s understandable to think that, but you need to look at the bigger picture: there are loads more people looking for your product or service than you will ever be able to provide for.

Connecting with other people in your industry not only gets you much more traffic, but it also sets you up as an Authority in your industry.

Authoritative companies attract more customers.

It’s that simple. If your company’s site or blog is mentioned regularly by others, Google spots this and improves your page rankings in their organic searches, also other people start talking about your business and what it does, and that gets more views on your site.

Here are some resources about Guest Posting and Authority Sites:

4: Use different types of media to Interact With Different Visitors

Not all of us learn the same way. Personally, I learn by doing. Many people learn through audio, video, or through reading. We’re all very different

To cater for this, you need to vary your content. It’s also a great way to get noticed on other Media – like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to create different types of multimedia in 2015.

What Type of Media is Best for speciality trade Contractors?

That depends on the quality and type of your content. If you’re a Residential Construction Company, a few short videos on things like “Common Mistakes To Avoid For When Building a Home” would be a good idea.

Listed below are the top types of Media being used by companies online:

  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • Written Content (PDFs, White Papers, Articles)
  • Online Slideshows (Keynote, SlideDeck etc.)
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Case Studies

There are tons more, but these are the most common types.

5: The Effectiveness of a Popup

Popups can be annoying to some people. However, if you’re like 78% of the internet, then – Email Opt-in Popups are the single most effective technique to get more email subscribers.

The fact is that if you ask for their address and provide something for free in return, and put it in front of the website visitor, they will opt-in.

I can’t tell you at this stage whether it’s good for your particular website – only you can make that decision. Do some testing with different variations (with and without) before you decide.

Keep checking Google Analytics to see whether a Pop up is impacting your sites metrics i.e. decreasing the Average Time on site, Pages visited Per Session, or Conversion Rates on any other product/service you offer.

Most importantly, don’t ignore mobile devices. Your site may never be read if the popup is hard to close for phones. Check with the service you use to see if they provide alternatives for device users.

Here are some great choice for adding Popup Signup forms to your site:

6: Mention Your Email Database In Other Communications

Many business owners feel as if they’re being intrusive when asking customers for their email address. Others feel like they’re asking way too much.

The fact is: If you provide quality content to your database (including offers for your services), then you’re helping them out.

7: Stop Wasting time on Commenters

Despite what most people think, most people don’t leave good or bad comments about your blog, website or your email.

However, those that have taken the time to leave a comment on your company’s blog are clearly engage – so why not give them the chance too to sign-up? After commenters successfully submit something why not redirect them to a Thank You page with more information about your website, what’s in it for them, a Signup Form, and other interesting content.

It depends on what system you’re using for your website and/or blog, however if like many you’re using WordPress – you’re in luck! There’s a great plugin you must install right now, it’s called Comment Redirect by Yoast. Chances are you are already using their All-In-One SEO plugin (and if not, then you should install that too!).

Going Further

There are many more things you could be doing for your Email Database, but these are the most common. I share the rest with my Email Subscribers only. If you’re interested in seeing what more you could be doing for your Company blog, signup with the form below. You’ll get an email every Monday and Wednesday with exclusive content just like this. Email Subscribers also have exclusive access to me, and are able to send in questions and comments to get personal help with their sites and blogs.


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