Your Field Technicians Live 2-way Video Reporting from Sites.

Live from the field, with a simple App, your technicians can now easily capture job site information, launch on the job remote support, instantly access relevant technical equipment documents, and provide your customers photos and videos and narration of recommended and completed work.

This is not some fantasy but technology exists now, although new to the UK, the development of this technology has been around for over 5-years and has been in use by many of the worlds best known brands.

Brands Using the App

What does the Technology do?

Put simply this APP enables M&E technicians to record and report live video, photos, narrated and with a written description from any site, and should they come across a technical issue they can share it live with their supervisor or manager, who in turn can provide live support by sharing a video feed to/from the site.

In addition any additional work that may be required or has been completed can be shared with a customer to get instant approval of additional work quotes.

The ROI, comes in at an impressive £15 return for £1 spent!

There are 3 Parts to the Software which benefit different people. The Technician, The Manager and The Customer.

The Technician

Technicians arrive on site to undertake a service or repair. The technician takes photos and videos using the camera on their mobile devices before and after each job – allowing customers and managers to see and better understand recommended and completed work.

If the technician needs immediate information about a piece of equipment, then technology also uses smart technology like OCR to identify information from equipment plates, including model, make, and serial numbers. Once the information has been retrieved the technician can view O&M manuals, wiring diagrams and any Youtube videos to help him to complete his job.

Field Photo Capture

The Manager

Managers in busy Mechanical & Electrical Business have a constant challenge in keeping track of each job, customer, and their technicians without eyes and ears at every jobsite.

The software provides Live 2-way Video Reporting and streamlines workflows, job documentation, and communication, ensuring all work is tracked and completed properly. Every job is done right the first time by giving the technicians instant remote access to documents, manuals, diagrams, and more.

Remote Support

No matter what the skill level of the tech is, the APP gives them the tools and information needed to quickly troubleshoot any potential issues they may encounter whilst on site.

Through our online Knowledge base, you can give your technicians remote access from any site to manuals, diagrams, and O&M’s from all major manufacturers. All the content, photos, and videos can be readily accessed and managed in the APP’s knowledge base.

Review previous Job Information. The APP allows the technicians to look back at any previous work that’s been done before to help find a solution – easily searchable by model, serial number, customer name, problem type, or any tags you wish to add.

Its really easy to share details of equipment, and job information across many organisations including main and sub-contractors if needed.

While your most skilled technicians, supervisors and managers may not be able to physically be on site for every job, the Live app allows them to bring their knowledge and expertise to every job virtually.

Live & Interactive Remote Video support calling allows less experienced technicians to receive live remote video training and assistance if they have trouble on the job – helping them complete the job faster, avoid a call back, and improve their skills.

Recorded Video Training. Each time your skilled techs perform a video training, they have the option to record and save the call to the APP knowledge base – allowing other techs who may experience similar issues to access the training.

The Customer

Many customers – especially in Managing Agents and Facilities Businesses aren’t trained to know the ins and outs of their HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical/electrical equipment. This can make it difficult for them to understand what they are being told and therefore trust and understand the work a technician may recommend or complete while on site.

The App provides transparency and builds trust between techs, managers, and customers. By allowing techs to capture and share photos and videos before starting work and after completion of each job, the app makes it easy for customers to see and understand the ins and outs of every job.

Remote Diagnostics also allows your customers to send live videos of site issues to help you to understand and potentially diagnose those issues before a technician sets foot on site – helping you provide more accurate quotes and identify any parts that may need to be ordered.

As this article states Customers buy what they can see

Today’s customers expect more than just words on a quote. If they are facing a high-cost repair or replacement, they need to see visual evidence—the labouring compressor that is wheezing away or the water dripping below the unit.

They want transparency and to see the most up-to-date equipment with realistic cost estimates on their repair vs. replace decisions. Transparency precedes trust. A photo or video taken by your technicians in the field inspires accountability. When you show that video to a customer —you inspire the customer.

Utilising technologies that can provide your customers a complete, visual overview of the state of their equipment and quoted or performed work is one of the best and fastest ways to educate them.

When selling both products and services, “show and tell” plays a major component in communicating delivered value to your prospects and customers. In the field service industry, the show component tips the scales in building trust and buy in from customers who often don’t understand the ins and outs of what goes into servicing their equipment.

The Video below explains both use cases as well as testimonials.

This technology has been developed by XOI and their website can be found here, where there are a great many resources. We are official UK suppliers of the software, and we have agreed T&C’s with the US as their exclusive UK partner.

We would like to offer a Zoom presentation hosted by our US partners at a convenient time to suit please send us an email with your preferred date and time. Please note all Zoom presentations will only be available between 2pm and 7pm GMT.

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As an exclusive offer any M&E Business with more than 20 technicians will be able to road test the software free for 60 days.