finding the next opportunity


As lockdown eases further and people start to return to work, the real cost for M&E Businesses is where their next quotes and orders are coming from and whether they are able to survive the downturn in Business. There is no question that they have been hit hard already, with many Businesses having made redundancies especially in Sales & Marketing. The Business Owner/Entrepreneur will be looking long and hard at the future for their Business.

Relationships are Key

Many smaller M&E Businesses are heavily reliant on work from a handful of existing clients, but with many of those also struggling for orders they have made redundancies just to survive themselves, so maintaining good Relationships with is vital. But you can’t just keep relying on work from those clients who previously kept you busy.

You have to find new Business – which is difficult without good salespeople that have been laid off. – How do you fancy the thought of Cold Calling Businesses to get new work? A daunting prospect and a step too far for many!

The job sites are full of highly skilled and experienced Sales & Marketers who have been let go by their employers because there so few opportunities to pursue. So where does that leave vulnerable M&E Businesses when it comes to finding new opportunities? Put simply if they haven’t done so already, then entrepreneurs must learn sales skills if the are going to survive.

Most small M&E Businesses were started by owners who have traditionally “been on the tools” themselves – indeed many still are, and therefore probably lack the formal sales skills needed to find and win new work to keep themselves going.

But this isn’t new, we have been here before. Just look at this post by Bill Gates which he wrote in 2007 during the financial crisis. He basically says having to learn a mixture of different skills is important but Sales skills are probably the most important. For many that is uncomfortable. There are plenty of resources available to help those wishing to hone their skills and what works best for M&E Businesses.

I wrote this article in April this year during the height of the pandemic about Businesses who are struggling to sell during the pandemic and those tried and tested methods will continue to be the best to help steer you through these choppy waters and help you to find those opportunities that will put food on your table for you and any employees.

We will shortly be launching a new affordable online Sales & Marketing training system available in modules and aimed at non-salespeople.

In the meantime we are here to help if you get stuck.