Building trust between a Customer and Contractor is often difficult for busy M&E Contractors. Thats difficult when your field technician recommends a repair on an piece of mechanical or electrical equipment. Often its simply sent to your non-technical customers with your quote. The chance of getting it accepted is often challenged, because its using terminology which the customer doesn’t understand unless its an absolute emergency.

How to Buildt Trust

Customers need trust from M&E Contractors

They need evidence that the pump seal has failed, or the belt has broken on the Air Handling unit or there is water leaking from a sink or toilet.

They want to build trust and transparency with their contractors and to see realistic cost estimates on their repair vs. replace decisions. Transparency precedes trust. A photo or video taken by your technicians in the field inspires accountability. When you show that video to a customer — you inspire the customer.

Latest state of the art Field Technology for M&E Businesses have learnt what the Motor Industry Developed around 7 years ago. This Video shows how the a vehicle technician uses an App connected to the Service departments systems to share issues with the driver of the car.

Now the M&E Industry have embraced this with Instant & Live Field Reporting technology which is available through this simple yet powerful APP – that isn’t a mobile Job scheduling system. It that can provide customers a complete, visual overview of the state of their equipment.

Customers can share live video of site issues

In these challenging Covid times, many customers want as little contact with contractors as possible. 

Remote Diagnostics also allows your customers to send and share live videos of site issues to help contractors to understand and potentially diagnose those issues before a technician sets foot on site – helping contractors provide more accurate quotes and identify any parts that may need to be ordered.

“XOi allows our customers to ride “shotgun” with our technicians while they are diagnosing and fixing their HVAC equipment.”
– Drew Adams, COO, Engineered Cooling Services

This kind of open transparency by contractors builds trust with their customers, which can help improve the decision making process to close more deals and open the doors to new locations that were previously out of reach.

Most importantly to note. This App is not using your phones local storage. Video, Photos are stored in the cloud against a customers account, and are accessible at any time when looking at job history.

Key features as follows:

Photos & Video – Capture photos and videos before, during and after each job – allowing your customers and managers to see and understand recommended and completed work. The APP uses smart technology like OCR to self identify and capture information from images, including model, make, and serial numbers. 

Remote Diagnostics & Coaching – through the Apps remotely accessible Knowledge Base, you can give your techs access to uploaded content, inc photos, videos, equipment manuals, diagrams, and other online material across all major manufacturers. 

Historical Records – If a tech wants to look up any history of site faults, the XOi APP allows techs to look back at any previous work that’s been done on a specific unit to help find a solution – easily searchable by model, serial number, customer name, problem type, or any tags you wish to add.

Live & Interactive Video – While your most experienced technicians or managers may not be able to physically be on site for every job, the XOi Vision Live app allows you to bring their knowledge and expertise to every job virtually. Remote support connection allows less experienced techs to receive live in-depth on the job video assistance and training if they are stuck with an issue on the job – helping them complete the job, avoid a call back, and improve their skills.

Customer Remote Interaction – Vision Live also allows your customers to share live videos of site issues to help you better diagnose any issues before a tech sets foot on site – helping you provide better quotes and identify any parts that may need to be ordered. It also helps to understand what might be needed to fix the problem before the tech leaves to attend site.


The XOi App gives your technical team the tools, resources, and capabilities to deliver a level of service that exceeds customer expectations and surpasses the competition.

It streamlines workflows, job documentation, and communication, ensuring all work is tracked and completed properly.

It provides seamless communication and transparency between techs, managers, and customers. and allows technicians to capture and share photos and videos before and after each job, the app makes it easy for customers to see and understand the ins and outs of every job.

As mentioned, customers need trust from their M&E contractors and this app does just that.

If your a contractor looking to improve trust, we offer a no obligation free 60-day road test. Get in touch by email