Consumers have the power when it comes to researching who they will choose to work in their home and Contractors need to use Video as it’s is now the preferred research tool

There is now undisputed proof that 67% of Consumers will watch an on-line video about “How to” fix, repair, install” things to do with their homes and businesses, especially when it comes to Heating, Plumbing and electrics.

What is really important for a contractor is the absolute need to create and promote a whole series of “How to” videos, which is all about building trust in your expertise, skill and knowledge. However just having one video is not enough as Google and YouTube give better search engine positions to Contractor Businesses who have produced multiple videos.

We aren’t suggesting you actually show them exactly “how to replace a Ball valve” but the idea is to show them that it’s not a straightforward job and that you know what you are doing and have done different types many times before. The idea here is not to show the competent DIY enthusiast what he needs to do, but to demonstrate to the home owner how complex or fiddly it can be!

With recent changes to Google’s search results Google, Bing and Yahoo all consider that Contractor who have multiple videos therefore have expertise in their field and it wants to give the searcher the best results possible. Furthermore with more relevance to people using Smartphones and tablets for searches video is easy to watch and listen than it is to read lots of content, apart from customer reviews which are considered highly relevant

In fact this report from March 2014 by ReelSEO explains in great detail exactly how those numbers are broken down

Further details from the report show that 73% of people surveyed confirmed they are more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they watch a branded video that explains how to overcome the problem being encountered by the consumer.

Some Highlights from the Report

96% of consumers surveyed found videos helpful in their research before making decisions about who to contact.

71% of consumers surveyed confirmed watching a Contractors “How to” video left them with a positive impression of the brand, service or company

73% of all consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service

How Video Impacts on Consumer Sales

Out of the 1,000 respondents from the survey, 96% said that video content was useful when deciding who they would ask to quote. 87% found contractor videos helpful for further research into to services or products by the same brand. Interestingly that although these numbers were from March 2014, they are very likely to have increased in lots of areas. But the numbers don’t hide the sheer quantity of videos being watched.

Sharing Video Content

Video is now a massive part in a consumer’s daily life with at least 94% of respondents watching a video at least once a week from their desktop/laptop, and 76% of smartphone and tablet owners watch videos at least once a week on their mobile devices. Furthermore if the homeowner has found a video useful, then they regularly want to share what they’ve watched, especially if there is a joint decision to be made on which contractor to use for their repair, refurbishment or installation project.

If that video has a ‘share’ option it makes it much easier for the viewer to connect with other decision makers. Even more interestingly, 89% of all respondents said they are likely to share a video if they consider it educational.

It’s all well and good that you create these videos but if you don’t let anyone know about them then what’s the point of creating them in the first place? It’s not enough just to put them on your website and hope that they will get found. You have to undertake video SEO too. Post them Google, YouTube, Social Media and make sure that the keywords people use to search for are embedded into the video script and create a transcript.


73% of Consumers More Likely to Make a Purchase After Watching a Video [Report] most shared video content



Home Owner Contractors and particularly Plumbers, Electrical and Central Heating need to embrace these facts and understand the importance of how they must change their businesses if they are looking to grow their customer base.

Home owners consider video really important when doing their research for contractors to work for them and if you are’t appearing anywhere then they will look at a competitor. To supplement this research consumers will also check out external Directory/review websites such as Checkatrade, which not only provide reviews and feedback, but also allow the contractor the ability to upload a photo gallery as well as explainer videos.


This article is written by Chris Gunn, the founder of Marketing 4 Contractors. Chris has a number of HVAC Contractors as clients throughout the UK, and has written multiple articles specialising in Marketing and Sales for HVAC businesses in the UK and with over 30 years in the industry is well respected and trusted.

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