You need to use the right words in your Marketing Messages

Using the right words in key places throughout your site and you will gain your potential prospects attention and bring them to you.

In this article we are going to show you how to improve your website SEO some simple standard processes in your business which will improve your clicks, get more sales leads which will convert into more orders from new customers by increasing your organic traffic, even if your Google Page positions are less than perfect.

The process is actually really simple, you will have to make some time to do what hardly any of your competitors will be doing. The work involved means getting to the “back-end” of your website, and update what’s known as your “page meta titles” and “meta descriptions”.

This is something you have to do on every page of your website and will take about 5 minutes per page. Assuming you have this back-end access, you should be able to do this yourself or if not ask your website developers/SEO contractor to do this for you. If you can copy the link to each page you want to change, write the revised titles and descriptions and email them to your SEO provider.

What you can also do, to view your existing titles and descriptions of every page of your website (especially if you don’t know how to log-in to the back end), is to open up one of your webpages and right click on it to view your title and descriptions. Then, as the drop down menu appears, click on “View Page Source”.

You will then see a whole series of website code on your screen, you need to look for the content within the code:


<meta name=”description” content=

Image result for meta description example

N.B – Writing titles and descriptions for your Home Page is slightly different to writing them for the rest of the site, especially as the home page is usually a type of directory for the whole of your website and may not be product or service specific. Your titles and descriptions should contain the most relevant and reliable keywords that your site is about and also a general relevant message about your most popular products or services. Getting it right on The Home Page is especially important as it’s most highly the highest ranked page of your whole website.

To demonstrate how this works, we discovered a great article on how a contractor sells hundreds of Split systems every year. The article was written by a US SEO developer who also happens to have an Air Conditioning Contracting Business. You can read the full article about the 9 words he used to sell “ductless air conditioners” or what we call Split Systems here in the UK.

The whole article is based on how they used some simple changes to these aforementioned titles and descriptions to make them into adverts to sell Ductless Air Conditioners based around the cost of the equipment. The same principle can be applied to any HVAC contractors business. However there are a number of things that a contractor with a website must do.

Make sure that you always include the exact keyword that your web page is about in your meta title. Then, write a compelling title and description for the best possible click-through-rates that your website position can achieve. Here is an example of someone who has done this well for thier hot tub business.

Meta titles and meta descriptions can make a massive difference to your web traffic regardless of your web position within the search results pages (assuming your listing appears on page one or two of Google or any of the other major search engines).

If you need help, or want us to do it for you, then either call on 01252 413596 or email me and we will be happy to help.