Marketing Tools

There are many Marketing tools available to M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses, however some are more valuable than others. We have put together a List of the ones we consider the most valuable and beneficial to your Building Services, HVAC or FM Businesses. Most of these have a free trial. Just click on any of the Images and you will be taken through to each tool.

Free Website Audit – Before thinking about improving your website, you need to know what your existing website is like in the eyes of the Search Engines. The only way to do that is to get a free audit done. You can use this tool. It will tell you warts and all whats wrong with your site and what needs to be fixed. There are also some other great free resources you can use.

First Site Guide

3-Months Free SEO – (aka Search Engine Optimisation) Every Business owner that has a Website needs to promote it – however bespoke SEO can be expensive. We have a new service that gives you great Low Cost way to promote your website using a powerful software where you can undertake the SEO and website promotion for only £33/Month and you can get 3-Months free trial to see how you get on. Click on the Image Below to get started

Boost Local M4C Offer

Telemarketing Probably the best and most consistent Lead Generation and Appointment Setting system that is proven to work is by far. The use of Telemarketing and can be the scariest for many Business Owners who feel uncomfortable about Cold Calling. We have partnered with a specialist Telemarketing agency to provide a special Trial offer to new Customers. For just £395 + VAT the following is included.

  • 1 hour sales and marketing planning sessions where we work with you and understand what types of new business you’re looking for.
  • Targeted data of the right types of prospects in the right geography
  • A written email campaign for us to approach your target market
  • 150 calls into your target clients to find sales opportunities and start building your sales pipeline.

The process involves a direct email outreach campaign to the decision maker, and a telephone call to follow up. 

We will guarantee that we will identify an agreed number of leads for you to either meet or follow up on to discuss your products/services in more detail. i.e. A potential customer has expressed desire for more information on what you have to offer. 

The ‘heavy lifting’ is done by our research team finding out who the decision maker is, their correct contact details and then contacting them (via phone/email), with the offering. The campaign is built and managed here in the UK.

 We can supply volume if required.

 Your sales team instantly become closers of genuine new project opportunities, not prospectors. 

 Top level campaign objectives.

 Target any level of decision maker.

  • Geographic & Industry targeted.
  • The qualification parameters are set by you – just decision makers.
  • On Brand to align with your current marketing initiatives and marketplace image. Just click on the Button below.

Local Citation Finder – (Building up a web presence of directory listings) This is all about where to list your business, examine your competition, and monitor your citation growth for better local search rankings.. Its about consistency with your Name address and Phone Number (called NAP) and Web Listings in various web Directories.

Local Rank Tracker Because most M&E/HVAC/FM Contractors operate at a Local or Regional level, then you need to know how to track your local and organic search ranking results, at the either National, City/Town, and Local neighbourhood levels. Access to your local rankings provides you with great insights into your local target market.

Reputation & Review Builder (paid for) You need to build an online reputation and getting online reviews, customer feedback, and testimonials are vital to getting that reputation. Asking for reviews can be awkward. Reputation Builder automates the entire process. Enter a customer into the system, then watch as Reputation Builder gathers feedback, reviews, and testimonials for you. It’s that simple.

Google Review Link Generator 

Google Review Link Generator

Use our free tool to easily find your business and generate your unique Google Review link. Then share the short URL with your customers and grow your Google reviews.

To generate your review link:

1. Type your business name, city, and Post code in the “Enter a location” field on Google maps.
2. Your review link will appear under the map.
3. Copy the short URL to your clipboard.
4. Share the link with customers in emails, text messages, or even on printouts, and ask them to leave you a review on Google!

Local Citation Builder If you are a Contractor operating from a physical location and covering a certain local distance? Then you need to maximise the power of your location, increase your exposure, and get more online customers. You need to get found where your local customers are searching.