How to Market your M&E,HVAC or FM Business


How to Market your Local M&E, HVAC or FM Business? Yes that is a challenge! There is a proven process that you must follow and this video shows it all.

Whether you own or manage a new or established small or Micro Business providing M&E, HVAC or FM products or services then there is a very good chance (65% +) that you come from a technical background. Many Business owners have previously been “on the tools” so to speak, probably Installing, Repairing or Servicing the systems or services they are involved with.

There is also a strong possibility that your work orders have come from your industry contacts – those that trust your technical skills, knowledge and ability to do the job and at a fair price. That’s all great and is stating the obvious. So what is missing from this scenario?

Basically you have to learn everything from scratch and without any formal training. i.e. The Skills to run everything in your Business, including Overall Business Management, Finance, Legal, Purchasing, Debt Collecting and Business Development to name but a few. Business owners have to “wear all of the different hats” in their day to day workings and learn things that they never would have envisaged doing nor had any formal training in. Thats why Accountants and Solicitors are so busy.

However when it comes to Business Development, there is a whole minefield of confusing, often contradictory and fragmented information about what you should and must do with Growing Your Business via your website, where to get new sales leads from, employing Sales People, Email marketing, Social Media. Blah Blah Blah! You could of course use our done for you service.

The purpose of this website is only looking at Business Development – there are other specialists who can tackle and advise on the other challenging areas.

This website is all about “How to Market Your M&E HVAC or FM Business” and more specifically for those smaller sized Businesses and probably operating at a Local or Regional level.

We recognised that when we established Marketing 4 Contractors that most small business owners operating in the M&E, HVAC or FM space, lacked the specialist Business Development skills necessary to grow their businesses and probably relied too much on their past contacts for any new opportunities.

Many have tried Building a shiny new website (often by a business who know nothing about your business or by a family friend – or by one of those “Free website Builders”) – Sound Familiar? Then to make things worse they have tried promoting themselves with some “free” SEO” website tools to experiment with Social Media, possibly email marketing, signed up for a course, employed poor Sales People and tried any other number of unsuccessful Sales/marketing methods.  And spent a fair amount of money too! – I’m sure that will resonate with many people.

We have written an e-book which tells you “warts and all” about what you must do about growing your business. You can download it for free on this link How to Market your M&E Business that identifies everything that you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to Growing your Business.

The book is written by myself -Chris Gunn who along with colleagues have a combined 80+ years experience in Marketing and Sales of both products and services in the M&E, HVAC and FM sectors and using past proven and modern online methods of marketing that work.


Read the book at a pace to suit and apply the techniques as and when you can. If however you don’t have the time or inclination then of course we would be delighted to have an initial chat and see if we can do some or all of it for you. Why not fill out our online appointment booking form to arrange a free initial phone conversation at a time to suit you. Or you can of course call us on 0800 009 6349