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We specialise in results-generating Contractor Local Marketing with our Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that provides search results for your Business, especially where your ideal type prospects are searching for your products and services. Our objective and processes help our clients generate steady regular inbound qualified sales opportunities for their HVAC, M&E & FM businesses, so they never have to worry about where their next project is coming from.

Imagine what it would be like for your business to have a regular and consistent flow of perfectly qualified prospects getting in touch with you on a regular basis. With your lead generating machine that’s always working for you in the background you’re in a unique position to be able to pick and choose the right type of projects you want to pursue.

Online Marketing for Contractors

A proper followed SEO strategy places your optimised website at or near the top of the Organic (non Paid) Search Results, which your potential prospects regularly prefer and trust to be quality, reliable Businesses.

SEO = More Traffic = More Sales Leads = More Business

Generate Qualified Sales Leads from Your Website on a Consistent Basis With Our Contractor Local Marketing Service

Most Contractors whether plumber, electrician or HVAC operate locally and at most if you happen to be based in a more rural location then you tend to work in a 20-30 mile radius of your home or office.

So that being said how do you get that phone to ring?  Despite the stories – word of mouth is not the best way to get your message to your potential customers, nor is being in the right place at the right time either!

All HVAC contractors have competitors even in rural areas and you have to stand out from the competition to get those customers to call you instead of your competitors.  There are many basics that you have to put in place but absolutely paramount is the need for you to have a website.

Your potential customer needs to build up a trust in who you are, what you do, who you have worked for and the areas you work in.  Furthermore they need re-assurance that you might have some independent reviews of your business – and you might have those Gold stars you see on on the first page of Google – yes they do work! If they don’t trust you or your business they won’t phone you! Without a website you will already be struggling.e lower down the pecking order.

map of central london

We aren’t suggesting that the website needs to be expensive flash and glitzy, but at the very least it needs to show where you are based, the areas that you cover, photos of the type of work you have undertaken.

There are many ways to promote your business through local marketing – not advertising, there is a big difference and most local advertising, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Local directories, flyers, leaflet drops etc. have very poor returns and can prove costly.

Another way to virtually guarantee Page 1 position on Google is the use of local Video Marketing. Have you ever seen a page on Google that shows a Thumbnail image of a video. Have a look at this example below which is showing what happened when entering the search term “Cambridge Aerial Video” The video is at the top of Google, and so could your business.  Want to see how your Plumbing business could be the same for youour town/city?

When Marketing 4 Contractors started working with us in 2014 we had no Marketing nor Sales team, As our outsourced Sales and Marketing team they have created incredible opportunities from Major M&E Contractors and Global Facilities Businesses that we could never have envisaged. Now we can’t do without them. You must use these guys – but please not too much so we loose out!
google search results page

1. People Prefer Video. Video works really well on a laptop/desktop and even better on a tablet or smartphone.

People would much rather watch a short video about your products and services than read about them. People spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them.

2. Works well on Mobile devices. Mobile use is growing rapidly and laptop/desktop use remains steady. Why not use a system that works well on both types.

3. It’s Easier to Talk than Write. For many people, it’s easier to stand in front of the camera and explain or demonstrate something than it is to write about it, however both parts are needed for local SEO purposes.

4. Video is More Persuasive. Customers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

Google is always looking for new content to fulfil their searches, and you can use your new content in web pages and blog posts with your videos.

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This is What’s Included in Our Monthly SEO Service



Ongoing keyword and competitive research to identify opportunities.


We regularly create optimised content for your Products and Services in your local area.


We use our own technical checklist to ensure your site is optimised as best as possible..


We manually build quality relevant inbound links from local and industry specific directories and sites.


One professionally written blog post created and uploaded on your website every month..


We will ensure that we follow Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine recommended guidelines so that your site doesn’t get penalised in any way.


Fully Detailed Monthly reports that show you progress and results vs Previous months



No lengthy contracts. We prove what we do every month by improving the performance for you.

How do we Manage to do all This?

With our years of experience working exclusively with M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses, we have developed efficient systems for building websites that not only look great, but generate a continuous stream of qualified Sales Leads for your business.

We have worked with dozens of contractors throughout the UK and we have a great team to ensure our M&E, HVAC and FM lead generation service is second to none.

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