Conversion Optimisation: Derek Halpern Reviews my friends site


I have a good friend who specialises in Marketing for consultants and coaches and he has kindly agreed to put his own web site under scrutiny by Derek Halpern – who is the Guru on Conversion Optimisation.

In my last post on Winning Business with your Blog, I talked about the importance of converting website visitors to email subscribers.

Once you have permission to keep in touch, you can build credibility and trust with your potential clients over time. It’s THE most powerful way to win clients online for Construction Contractors and Maintenance specialists.

For such an important topic, I thought it was time to wheel in the “big guns”.

And while I like to think I’m pretty hot on online marketing for Construction Contractors and Maintenance specialists. – when it comes to conversion optimization, there’s one guy all the “superstars” call.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has done website reviews for folks like social media legend Chris Brogan and internet marketing superstars David Risley and Pat Flynn. So I thought it was high time he did one for my mate Ian.

In this video, Derek will reveal some of his “underground” strategies for getting people to opt in to your mailing list. I’ve been doing this stuff for years and thought I’d seen it all, but a couple of the things Derek talked about were completely new for me.

And, of course, the idea is not just to see how his site can be improved – but to apply those ideas to your own site. Both the things he’s doing well, and the areas where he could do better.


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The next article looks at the next step: how to convert subscribers into paying clients.