Frustrated Woman

Isn’t it frustrating when you see your competitors winning a new contract? Even worse when they are a new and young upstart! It seems that these less experienced competitors seem to have all the luck and be in the right place at the right time.

However when looking deeper and when looking at what they’ve been doing with their marketing though, it’s no surprise why the competition are winning the deals.

Here are some of the issues why commonly these businesses aren’t winning the deals and most of the time there are a number of similar problems. Because of these issues, in the buyers mind they have doubts and concerns and won’t consider your business. Clients psychic powers are non existent they just can’t seem to consider your business and what it does.

Almost always their website looks nice – but it has no informative content that would let anyone know that they are an expert in their field. It would probably say something like we maintain or install blah blah…..

Common things that are missing from M&E Businesses websites

  • Do they do many presentations or run seminars showcasing their expertise? Nope – they go to networking events and tell people how great they are rather than demonstrating it.
  • Do they write articles, whitepapers, “how to videos” write a book, record a Podcast about a challenging subject, do email marketing? Nope.

Put simply they’re expecting their potential clients to have psychic powers – to magically know how good they are without ever proving it.

It’s a bit like having a physical retail store in your local town with nothing in the shop window.

Can you imagine a clothing store without the latest fashions showing in the window? A technology store without any gadgets on display? A bakers without mouthwatering cakes, tarts and breads on show? – Well maybe not the tarts!

In both the physical and virtual worlds – the best retailers know they can’t just tell people what’s inside the store or rely on them knowing. They have to show their best stuff in the window to entice customers in. And then they have to give them a chance to “try before they buy”.

Fashion outlets let you try on the clothes. Technology stores let you play with the gadgets. Bakers always have a little sample tray so you can see that their stuff tastes as good as it looks.

You’ve got to do the same in your business.

You’ve got to have a shop window that showcases what you can do. And you’ve got to have some way that potential clients can “try before they buy”.

That could be a blog or videos on your website. A regular series of presentations or webinars you run. Articles in magazines your clients read.

Hiring a professional to help with a critical issue in their business is a substantial decision or most people. If you don’t have a decent shop window it’s no surprise they turn to someone else.

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